How can you convert btu to cfm?

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No. BTUs are heat (British Thermal Units) and cfm is a measure of air flow volume (cubic feet per minute)
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How do you convert CFM to CMH?

A much easier way is to visit where they have a calculater that will easily convert this for you.

How do you convert Pa to cfm?

You can't. Pascals (pa) area messurement of pressure. CFM (cubic feet per minute) is a rate of flow. However, there is a device called a manometer which is used to measure ei

How do you convert Cmh to Cfm?

Cmh = cubic meters per hour cfm = cubic feet per minute m 3 /hr * 35.3ft 3 /m 3 * hr/60minutes = ft 3 /minute So, 1 cmh = 0.5883 cfm

Convert CFM to CMH?

We're going out on a limb here, taking a chance, throwing caution to the wind, risking looking stupid, and assuming that 'CFM' means 'cubic feet per minute' and 'CMH' mean

How do you convert BTU's in CFM?

The answer depends on many things.... A btu is a british thermal unit, which is the measure of energy to raise one CC of water one degree Celcius. But you probably want to kno

What is the formula to convert FPM to CFM?

If you know the FPM and you know the area of your flow say duct work (20"x20")... first convert your area 20*20=400 in 2 to Ft 2 20"*20" = 400in 2 400

12000 BTU equals how many CFM?

The two are related but are not equivalents. 12000 btu = 1 ton of refrigeration , in a typical air conditioning application 400 cfm per ton are needed to properly support it`s

Can you convert cfm to psi?

No: CFM is Cubic Feet per Minute, which is a flow rate (volume/time). PSI is Pounds per Square Inch, which is a pressure measurement (force/area). However, for certain situa

How do you convert kpa to cfm?

kpa = kilopascals is a measure of pressure. cfm = cubic feet per minte is a measure of the rate of flow. The two measure different things and, according to the basic rules o
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How do you convert MMSCFD to CFM?

Coverting MMSCFD which is million standard cubic feet per day to CFM or cubic feet per minute requires knowing how many minutes are in a day. This can be determined by multip
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How do you convert cfm?

That all depends on what unit you want to convert it to , which you neglect to mention in your question.