How can you convert btu to cfm?

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No. BTUs are heat (British Thermal Units) and cfm is a measure of air flow volume (cubic feet per minute)
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What is a BTU?

hi ashley The British thermal unit (BTU or Btu) is a unit of energy used in the United States. It is also still occasionally encountered in the UK, in the context of older heating and cooling systems. In most other areas, it has been replaced by the SI unit of energy, the joule (J). A Btu is de (MORE)

Convert CFH to BTU?

To convert CFH to BTU, you need to use the formula 1 CFH which isequivalent to 1000 BTUs.

How do you convert BTU to KW?

BTUs and kilowatts measure different types of quantities. A BTU (British Thermal Unit) measures heat (energy), while a kilowatt (1000 watts) measures power (energy per unit time). 1 BTU equals 0.0002928 kilowatt-hour 1 BTU/minute equals 0.01757 kilowatt. To convert a watt to BTUs, the factor (MORE)

How do you convert a volume of hot gas to btu?

There is no direct conversion because it depends on the gas. A BTU is a unit of energy (a "British thermal unit") and how much energy a certain volume of gas has depends on the identity of the gas. A liter of gaseous oxygen will have a different amount of energy in it than a liter of hydrogen gas. (MORE)

How do you convert CFM to CMH?

A much easier way is to visit where they have a calculater that will easily convert this for you.

How do you compute BTU of a heater using CFM and output temperature?

HVAC . I'm not sure and will have to research this, but let me kick it off by writing Btus/hr = CFM X 1.08 X temperature rise. Hopefully, others will weigh in and contribute further to this answer.. (Since I supervise Units and Unit Conversions, I would like to admonish people to use the units (MORE)

Can temperature be converted to BTU energy?

Temperature IS BTU,. BTU is: British Thermal Unit,. I believe the formula is this: How long it takes one pound of ice to melt at room temperature with no air moving around it, Room temp. being 73 degree F. I think? maybe 72?. anyway the time is equal to one BTU.. Maybe someone who knows the form (MORE)

Convert 50000kcal to btu?

The metric conversion of kilocalories convert to British ThermalUnits is straightforward. For example, 50,000 kcal is equal to 198283.342 but.

How do you convert refrigeration tons to BTU?

This conversion is very simple : and is 1 ton = 12,000 BTU/hour. So if you have a 3 ton of refrigeration you have 36,000 BTU/hour. In addition, I want to add that in some large Data Centers, there is a movement from BTU to kW of power used by equipment. This is probably driving the Tons/kW quest (MORE)

What are cfm?

The term cfm stands for cubic feet per minute. It is a unit ofmeasurement used to determine the amount of air flow,.

How do you convert Pa to cfm?

You can't. Pascals (pa) area messurement of pressure. CFM (cubic feet per minute) is a rate of flow. However, there is a device called a manometer which is used to measure either pressure(in pascals) or air flow in(in cubic feet). Most commonly used for blower door tests.

How do you convert BTU per hour to kilowatts?

There are 3,413 BTU (British Thermal Units) per Kilowatt Hour, so if your appliance operated at a rate of 100,000 BTU per hour you would operating at a rate of 29.3 Kilowatts. You can go to to see a sheet that reflects energy cost comparisons. Hope this helped.

How do you convert Cmh to Cfm?

Cmh = cubic meters per hour cfm = cubic feet per minute m 3 /hr * 35.3ft 3 /m 3 * hr/60minutes = ft 3 /minute So, 1 cmh = 0.5883 cfm

Convert CFM to CMH?

We're going out on a limb here, taking a chance, throwing caution to the wind, risking looking stupid, and assuming that 'CFM' means 'cubic feet per minute' and 'CMH' means 'cubic meters per hour'. ( 1 ft 3 / min ) x x (1,440 min / hour) / (35.3147 ft 3 / m 3 ) = 40.776 CMH (rounded)

How do you convert BTU's in CFM?

The answer depends on many things.... A btu is a british thermal unit, which is the measure of energy to raise one CC of water one degree Celcius. But you probably want to know about airflow in cfm (not water), and the amount of cooling (or heating) available in 1 cfm or airflow. In Houston, we tend (MORE)

What is the formula to convert FPM to CFM?

If you know the FPM and you know the area of your flow say duct work (20"x20")... first convert your area 20*20=400 in 2 to Ft 2 20"*20" = 400in 2 400in 2 /144 = 2.7777Ft 2 Now that you know the area in Ft 2 you can use the equation [ FPM*area(ft 2 ) = CFM ] if your FPM (MORE)

How do you convert kwh to btu?

1 BTU = 1.055 kilojoules. (1 joule per second = 1 watt, or 1 joule = 1 watt-sec) 1 kWh = 3.6 megajoules (1000 x 3600 watt-sec = 3600 kilojoules) 3600000/1055 = 3412.3 So 1 kWh is the energy equivalent of 3412.3 BTUs . The reverse conversion is that 1 BTU = 0.000293 KWh * However, a (MORE)

What is 41.3 cfm converted to meters per second?

CFM is a Volumetric Flow Rate while m/s is a velocity, you need the additional measurement of the Cross Sectional Area of the flow to fully work it out. Since there are 2118.88 CFM : 1 m 3 /s 41.3 CFM divided by 2118.88 = 0.01949 m 3 /s Divide this by the area in m 2 & you will get m/s. .

Convert btu to horsepower?

This is a power unit conversion from British thermal units per hour(Btu/hr.) to its equivalent in horsepower (hp). There are 2544.43btu/hr. in one horsepower. Conversely, there are 0.000393 hp in oneBtu/hr.

How do you convert cfm to psi?

You can't convert directly. CFM is cubic feet per minute, a measure of flowrate. PSI is pounds per square inch, a measure of pressure.

How do you convert BTU to ton?

A BTU is a measure of heat energy, while a ton is a measure of weight. Unless you're looking for the number of BTUs a ton of a particular fuel will produce, the two are not comparable.

Hoe do convert CFM to NLPM?

nLPM stands for Normal Liters per Minute. This is actually a mass flow rate because it describes the amount of gas that would have the indicated LPM volumetric flow rate AT 1 atmosphere pressure and 0 degrees C. The actual volumetric flow rate (LPM) at any other temperature or pressure condition mus (MORE)

How do you convert btu to square ft?


12000 BTU equals how many CFM?

The two are related but are not equivalents. 12000 btu = 1 ton of refrigeration , in a typical air conditioning application 400 cfm per ton are needed to properly support it`s operation.

How do you convert 105000 btu per hr to mcf?

1 cubic foot of natural gas can be burned to generate about 1000 btu of heat. A 105000 btu/hr appliance would therefore require about 105 cubic feet of natural gas per hour; this is 0.1 thousand cubic feet, or 0.1mcf/hr.

Converting volt amps into btu?

This is a two-step question. First, to convert volt-amps intowatts, multiply by the power factor. For a heating element like aconvector or kettle the power factor is 1, but for a motor it mightbe 0.7. In the absence of information a power factor of 0.8 can beassumed. Watts are a measure of power an (MORE)

How do I convert btu hr into lbs hr?

If The amount of energy required to produce 34.5lbs/hr of steam at a pressure and temp of 0 psig and 212degree F with feed water 0 psig and 212 degree F requires 33445.6 Btu/hr of energy ie 33445.6 Btu/hr willl produce 34.5lbs/hr then mathematically it can be solved Thank you,

Convert btu to cubic meters?

This is a type mismatch since BTU (or at least the only BTU I know of), standing for British Thermal Unit, is a measure of heat energy , whilst cubic meters are a measure of volume . It is possible to express energy as pressure x volume however: 1 BTU is approx 1055 Joules of energy => 1055 P (MORE)

Convert degree of Fahrenheit to btu?

Degrees Fahrenheit are a unit of temperature and British Thermal Units are units of heat; in physics, temperature and heat are not the same thing (although they are synonymous in normal English usage). To explain, the heat content of an object depends upon both the temperature and the heat capacity (MORE)

How do you convert btu to horsepower?

1 Btu/hour [I.T.] = 0.000 393 014 779 53 horsepower [international] . 1 Btu/hour [I.T.] = 0.000 392 856 662 2 horsepower [electric] . 1 Btu/hour [I.T.] = 0.000 398 465 762 18 horsepower [metric] . 1 Btu/hour [I.T.] = 0.000 392 834 018 95 horsepower [water]

Convert btu per month to KWH?

x BTUs / 3412.141633128 BTUs/KWH = KWH For example: -------------- If you burned 1,000,000 BTUs per month, then calculate the following: 1,000,000 BTUs / 3412.141633128 BTUs/KWH = ~293 KWHs per month Notes: ------- 1. Energy = the capacity/measure of a body/system to do work (express (MORE)

What is the formula to convert cfm to fpm?

You need to know the area of the duct or pipe in square feet. C.f.m. is cubic feet per minute (quantity) and f.p.m. is feet per minute (velocity). Q cfm = velocity fpm x area sq.ft.

Can you convert cfm to psi?

No: CFM is Cubic Feet per Minute, which is a flow rate (volume/time). PSI is Pounds per Square Inch, which is a pressure measurement (force/area). However, for certain situations with known substances moving in a known piping, there may be tables available which at a certain pressure, the the subs (MORE)

How do you convert kpa to cfm?

kpa = kilopascals is a measure of pressure. cfm = cubic feet per minte is a measure of the rate of flow. The two measure different things and, according to the basic rules of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

How to convert Btu per pound to btu per gallon of diesel fuel?

btu per pound * pounds per gallonOK, it sounds as if you know the value of fuel in oil btu per pound.Now find out how much a gallon of fuel oil weighs and multiply the btu value x that weight in pounds and that is the value per gallon. Or simply, diesel fuel is #2 fuel oil which contains 140,000 btu (MORE)

How do you convert MMSCFD to CFM?

Coverting MMSCFD which is million standard cubic feet per day to CFM or cubic feet per minute requires knowing how many minutes are in a day. This can be determined by multiplying 60 by 24 and then dividing the MMSCFD by this product.

How do you convert CMH to BTU?

CMH is a unit of flow rate (m 3 /hr or cubic metres per hour) A BTU is a British Thermal Unit, a unit of energy that is equal to around 1055 joules. You cant convert the two as they are a measure of different things, but changing BTU (or Btu) to joules will help standardise the calculations.

How do you convert cfm?

That all depends on what unit you want to convert it to , which you neglect to mention in your question.

How do you convert kilowatt hours into MM Btu?

An MMBtu is a million Btu. 1 kilowatt hour = 3412 Btu, approx = 0.003 412 MM Btu. Originally, MBtu represented 1000 Btu, from the Roman numeral M = 1000. However, this often got confused with the SI prefix "Mega", meaning 1 million. The prefix MM was introduced to get around this confusion.