How can you find out if old stock certificates are worth anything?

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I have some old stock certificates from "Farmers Union Cooperative Oil Association". Issued in 1977.Worth anything?
Tx, Doug Cunnien
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Are midvale mining stocks worth anything?

My dad has some Midvale Mining Company and there is a letter dated April 1, 1984 which gave equal shares in Midvale Land Company to replace the Midvale Mining Company shares.

How do you find out if a meteorite is worth anything?

When a meteorite lands it makes a rather large bang. Anyone would hear it from miles around, no matter how small it is. I imagine you'd find yourself not being allowed near th
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Is PSFS stock worth anything and how do you sell it?

If you are the registered owner of the PSFS stock, you should have received an official letter from the FDIC in February or March of 2012. Instructions were provided for redee