How can you find out if old stock certificates are worth anything?

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I have some old stock certificates from "Farmers Union Cooperative Oil Association". Issued in 1977.Worth anything?
Tx, Doug Cunnien
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Is a Victor 12 gauge with no stock worth anything?

%DETAILS%. Answer . Short answer = NO. But everything has some value to someone. Just had an email this morning from someone looking for a source for parts. If you want, I can send him your email address..

How do you find out if your vinyls are worth anything?

Any of the following websites may be able to provide the value of your album:. Answer . Any of the following websites may be able to provide the value of your album:.

Is Pan American World Airways Inc stock issued in 1976 worth anything?

Answer . Wow! Interesting question..... I used to find out info and value on an old company stock for a client at my last job. . It's 40 bucks.

How do you research old stock certificates?

Here are a number of suggestions from various WikiAnswer contributors: To do this in the most inexpensive manner, you should first check and see if this stock certificate has been cancelled. Normally the stock will have a cancellation or redeemed date and/or company/representative firm/bank cancellation stamp. Often this is also done by chipping the certificate and putting small holes in the paper to spell redeemed or cancelled or some other related word. Then, you should find someone who buys and sells collectible stock certificates and see if they have ever sold these OR ask how much they will sell one to you PRIOR to telling them you have one. You can also research the company name on the certificate through the New York Stock Exchange information service or the NASDAQ service. Open a brokerage account and deposit the certificates. The brokers will run the CUSIP and figure out if they belong to a renamed/merged company, whether they have split or conglomerated, and if they're still traded. You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. This site has each state's department contact information listed. See Sources and Related Links, further down this page, for more information about that. Databases/directories of corporate changes can also be useful in determining the value of your shares. Reasonably priced databases and those available to the public that is. See Sources and Related Links for more information. Most local business libraries could help you out. The next step is then to contact either the transfer agent (found on the stock certificate) just google the name and you should have a number to call. They will have all information as to what happened to the company, if anything was left for investors etc.. if by any chance the companies transfer agent has also gone by the wind. You might want to go for professional help. A broker or other financial advisor can help. Alternatively, you can go with an online research firm to evaluate the position. It might be impossible even if you were to spend countless hours of effort to get near the sum of information provided by professional help, such as pinpoint financial information, stellar histories and values. There are also excellent old stock research services like and that can tell you what happened to the company for a small fee. They can also tell you if the certificate has any collectible value. See for listing of over 18,000 certificates. Be careful with some old stock research services that are not members of the Better Business Bureau, have little business experience and claim to be experts in collectible stock and bond certificates. Many of these so called experts have little experience in determining whether your old company stock has real value as a collectible or redeemable security. Always check to see what the Better Business Bureau says about them. See Sources and Related Links for more information.

Are any silver certificates worth anything?

It depends on the condition of the note, such factors as folds,creases, staining, tears, separation, etc. and the signatures onthe front of the note.

How do you found out of stock in rhodesian selection trust limited is worth anything?

I believe that in 1970 Kenneth Kaunda, the first President of Zambia (which is the African Republic that succeeded Northern Rhodesia), nationalised the assets of the Rhodesian Selection Trust. The RST was allied to the London-based mining corporation, The Selection Trust (founded by Chester Beatty) which subsequently was purchased by BP and then passed on to Rio Tinto.

Is my old product key worth anything?

Yep, do a comparison check on Ebay or Crigslist and you will see it is worth while listing it on any of those sight.

Would Pennsylvania railroad stock certificates be worth anything today?

Yes, some Pennsylvania railroad stock certificate will be worthsome money to railroad collectors today. The stock itself is rarelyvaluable, but the certificate can be worth up to several hundredsof dollars to collectors who enjoy railroad memorabilia.

Are midvale mining stocks worth anything?

My dad has some Midvale Mining Company and there is a letter dated April 1, 1984 which gave equal shares in Midvale Land Company to replace the Midvale Mining Company shares. I am trying to find out if there is any value too.. The heading had. Donald L. Bailey, President. 13519 East 28th, Spokane, WA 99216. and D.W. Bailey, Sec/Treas. 5980 Old Naches Road, Naches, WA 98937

Are old football stubs worth anything?

Old football memorabilia like stubs can be worth different sums ofmoney depending on their significance. For example, ticket stubsfrom Super Bowls II and III are collector items.

Old mens Avon cologn bottles with cologn n box are any of them worth anything A friend has many datting back 30 n more years just trying to find a list to see if any of them might be worth anything?

Hard to tell without a picture. Try it is free. you can post a picture there and get pricing help. Good Luck!!!

I found an old painting signed Rembrandt 1814 how do you find out if its worth anything?

Rembrandt lived 1606-1669, so it is highly unlikely that he should have painted much in 1814.

Are stocks sold in 1926 still worth anything?

This is a more complex question than you think. The short answer is, if the company's still in business and hasn't bought back the shares, the stocks are still good. \n. \nWhere it gets complex is in stock splits and reverse stock splits. For today's example we will say you have a stock certificate for 100 shares of Acme that was issued the first trading day of 1926. The person who bought the shares for $10 per share never sold them and told his descendants never to sell them. \n. \nOn the first trading day of 1928, Acme stock has risen to the price of $40, and it's worrying the directors. They execute a 4 for 1 stock split. Now there are four times as many shares outstanding and each is worth $10. Right now, you own 400 shares of Acme stock. You still have the certificate for 100 shares, but someone in the Acme company has recorded against your ledger that you really own 400 shares. \n. \nFive years later, Acme is $25 per share. They execute a 5 for 2 stock split--each share becomes 2.5 shares that cost $10 each. Now you have 1000 shares.\n. \nTen years later, they do a 3 for 2 split, giving you 1500 shares, followed by some more splits that end you up with 20,000 shares of Acme. They've got all this written down. If you go to Acme's office and tell them you want to know how many shares you really own, they can tell you.

Are old English coins worth anything?

Yes. Depending on the year, the denomination, the condition and in many cases the variant of the coin, they can be worth quite a lot.

How do you find out if old books are worth anything?

You can go to a specialist in antiques and find out its worth. I recommend posting a picture of it on the internet and seeing if there are any responses.

How do you find value of a stock certificate?

You can contact the state that your certificate was incorporated in, each state has a department that handles such things. This site has each state's department contact information listed Databases/directories of corporate changes can also be useful in determining the value of your shares. Reasonably priced databases and those available to the public that is. Most local business libraries could help you out.The next step is then to contact either the transfer agent (found on the stock certificate) just google the name and you should have a number to call. They will have all information as to what happened to the company, if anything was left for investors etc.. if by any chance the companies transfer agent has also gone by the wind. The state will be able to determine for you when the companies charter was cancelled although will not be able to tell you if any dividends or other capital payments were left for investors. In all I would go with professional help, a broker or other financial advisor can help.Or can visit an online researchers like they are the cheapest and are the best value. They deliver an amazing report of the value of your certificates.

How do you find out old coins worth?

Take them to a coin dealer for an appraisal. It would be a good idea to borrow a price guide (the Blackbook or Guide to US Coins for US coins) from the library and try to separate the 'good stuff' from the 'junk' first.

Are Aruba's old coins worth anything?

Yes , old Aruban coins have their worth. It's still possible to exchange your leftover Aruban currency into your home currency. Two easy sources for currency exchange are major airlines and major banks. Both sources have currency exchange desks. Also your leftover Aruban currency is valuable as a donation to UNICEF's [United Nations Children's Fund] Change for Good program. Donations of leftover foreign currency, such as Aruban coins, have provided UNICEF with over $90 million for immunization and other child healthy programs throughout the world. For information on UNICEF's Change for Good program and airline partners, please visit the links provided below.

Are old unused postcards worth anything?

The worth of old postcards depends on the subject matter and theage. Whether they are written on or not, they might have somevalue. It also depends a great deal on what a buyer is willing topay.

Are old nickels worth anything?

As with many old coins the answer is a definite "maybe". For US nickels, look for dates earlier than 1946. Some of them,e.g. "war nickels" with a large mint mark over Monticello on theback, are worth more because they have a small amount of silver inthem. Others, e.g. 1940 and 1941, are only worth a bit more thanface value. 1938 and 1939 Jefferson nickels are collectible,especially if they have an "S" mint mark to the right ofMonticello. Buffalo nickels that still have visible dates can beworth at least a dollar and possibly more, while Liberty Head(a/k/a "V") nickels command a price of at least a couple of dollarsin worn condition. The situation is equally complicated for Canadian nickels. Most ofthe coins with a picture of Queen Elizabeth are only worth facevalue to 10 or 15 cents, but a few varieties and errors among thoseminted in 1953-54 can be worth hundreds of dollars; nickels withthese dates should be examined by a professional. Earlier dateswith a portrait of George VI can be worth at least 25 cents, witherrors and special varieties carrying a higher premium. Finally,any with a portrait of George V retail for at a couple of dollarsat the minimum.

Is North Central Airlines Inc stock worth anything?

Well, Republic airlines bought North Central in 1979, exchangingone share of Republic Stock for one share of North Central. Manyyears later Northwest Orient Bought Republic airlines for 17dollars per share

Is a 1899 silver certificate worth anything?

It depends on the condition of the note, such factors as folds,creases, staining, tears, separation, etc. and the signatures onthe front of the note.

IS your LA Gear stock worth anything?

I have a stock certificate for 9 shares of LA gear common stock is it worth anything

How do you find out if a meteorite is worth anything?

When a meteorite lands it makes a rather large bang. Anyone would hear it from miles around, no matter how small it is. I imagine you'd find yourself not being allowed near the scene once the army get there (or have i been watching too many movies?)

Is old costume jewelry worth anything?

Yes very much so especially the pins with the big chunky crystals or gems in them. There was some very good costume jewelry made from the 20's through 70's that isn't like the stuff they sell today. I have found, some cases, real gems and gold. The really good pieces are often stamped on the back with the name of company. If you are interested in selling your things research them carefully before taking them to an antique store. Many times the store will tell you a lower price and then turn around and sell them for a really nice high price. Most collectibles have secondary market books out listing current prices, but I am not sure there is any on costume jewelry. EBay is also another place to check for the value of something.

Are old Mexican notes worth anything?

Mexican notes issued before 1992 are worth 1/1000th of their face value in current Peso - so a 10,000 Peso note from 1983 is worth about $0.80. Very old notes, especially in mint uncirculated condition are worth more to banknote collectors.

Are old postcards worth anything?

It depends on a few different factors: how old the cards are, what condition they are in, and what is portrayed on them. Some historical post-cards are very rare, while others are quite common. The harder-to-find the card is, and the more it is about a topic that collectors are interested in, the more money it might be worth. You may want to look online at places like eBay, where there are many collectible post-cards for sale. You will see a wide range of prices. And a word from the historians among us-- old postcards, whether you can sell them or not, are often valuable for their educational importance-- because of the historical information they contain. They show us what the important landmarks were, what old streets and buildings looked like, how people used to dress, and who was considered famous (some promotional postcards were printed up by department store owners or by local musicians). And sometimes, they will contain a signature from a person who lived many years ago, and that gives you more information about who was sending postcards in those days.

Are old computers worth anything?

Some may have a collectors value i.e. The very first Sinclair spectrum 48k off the production line with authenticated documentation. Else to they are generally only scrap value which is low.

Are your antique oil stock certificates worth anything?

Is a stock certificate for the Towanda-Eldorado Oil Company from 1918 worth anything. It was incorporated in Colorado.

Are Old Russian banknotes worth anything?

Most banknotes have some value, depending on the age of the note, the denomination and the condition it is in. Old notes are not necessarily worth large amounts of money just because they are old - it depends on the number of notes issued at the time and how many survive. A 1961 Russian 100 Ruble note in mint condition would be worth $10, whilst a good used one would be worth $3. The same denomination from 2001 would be worth $30 - the same price for one dated 1912.

Copy of a 1000 dollar certificate is it worth anything?

Copies are rarely worth very much because, well, they're not the real thing. It probably has value only as a novelty item - maybe a couple of dollars.

Are 250 shares of your grandfathers 1910 pyramid oil stock worth anything?

It's entirely possible, since Pyramid Oil has been in continuous operation since 1909. Shares are currently trading at about $4 each, but you may wish to contact a broker experienced in dealing with very old stock certificates.

Are old trophies worth anything?

Best answer, it depends. If for instance you happen to have theLittle League participation trophy given to Hank Aaron, youpotentially have a very valuable item. But if you have Pete Peter'sleague champion bowling trophy from the Winn, Michigan Bowl A Rama,1976, you have a paperweight.

How do you find out what your stock in the Green Bay Packers is worth?

Nothing. You can not sell it or trade it to anyone. If you want to get rid of it, you can sell it back to the team only for $45 I believe. GBP stock is not openly traded on the market. It is really a big fundraising momento.

How old do a penny have to be before its worth anything?

For the collector value with the exceptions of errors and specially made proof coins, the penny would have to be made before 1959.

How do you find out if the stock certificate of western travelers life insurance is still worth anything?

First check with A.M. Best Company to find out the corporate history and states that Western Travelers was admitted in, then contact the Western Travelers directly or a state insurance department to find out what happened to them.

Are old slam magazine worth anythings?

Depending on what year, and condition the magazines are in. also, what's in them. Popular magazines are worth more

Are old blueprints worth anything?

They may very well be; it depends on what they are for and how old they are. They could be very helpful to people who need to make repairs to a very old building, or to people who have an interest in the history of a place. Check with any local historical associations, or with people who are in now in charge of the physical plant.

Is PSFS stock worth anything and how do you sell it?

If you are the registered owner of the PSFS stock, you should have received an official letter from the FDIC in February or March of 2012. Instructions were provided for redeeming your PSFS (a.k.a. Meritor) stock certificates. An FDIC agent informed me the common shares are being redeemed at $4.27 each.

Are old foreign coins worth anything?

Of course. The financial worth would depend on many factors like condition, rarity, what country it is from, etc.

Is the core of an old alternator worth anything?

Only towards the purchase of a new one. You usually get like a 5-10.00 discount returning it in box new one came in with your receipt. Look at core charge (on receipt) for redemption amount.

How do you find out if your dollar bills are worth anything?

go to a coin and dollar museum Correction A coin museum won't have information about banknotes, and there's no such thing as a "dollar museum". You have to know several things about the bills: > Their dates > What letter if any is next to or below the date > What color their seals are For older bills you often need to know what bank or Federal Reserve district issued them, how worn they are, and other things that depend on the individual bill.

Are old calendars worth anything?

You can reuse an old calendar when the days and dates match in a future year, such as 2021 and 2027.

Are old one pennys worth anything?

Copper could be a factor. The penny's made today are not made of copper I would go to a copper dealer.

Are old alberon dolls worth anything?

I have an Alberon doll called Sophia still in the box and as new, i have been given it can you tell me the age and value

Are old halfpennies worth anything?

If you refer to predecimal British Halfpennies, they can be worth anything from not much to quite a lot depending on the year and condition of the coin.. British decimal Halfpennies have almost no collector value unless they are in mint uncirculated condition, and even then it is not much..

How old does a wheat penny have to be to be worth anything?

For a wheat cent to have an significant value, it generally has to be pre-WWII.

Are US 1 dollar silver certificates worth anything?

In circulation they're always worth the face value of the bill. Asfor the collector value, in very good condition (not a gradingphrase) they will usually be worth $3-$4 depending on the year theywere printed, and possibly much more if they're older than 1935, orare special such as the wartime bills printed for use in Hawaii andNorth Africa. If in mint condition they could be worth a fewdollars more. There are exceptions that are worth much more. See related link below.

Are old keys worth anything?

They can be, depending on how old they are and the style. People make replicas though, so only people looking for authentic keys would be buying the antique ones. Check ebay and see what people are paying.

Is a 1 dollar silver certificate 1935 worth anything?

For the most part, they're worth maybe $1.50 to a collector. A coindealer won't pay a premium unless it's in exceptional condition, orperhaps a star note.