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How can you live with hunters syndrome with no cures?

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How can someone with Hunter's be defined as a mild case when he or she may be producing only 1% of the enzyme needed?
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How can you cure restless leg syndrome?

I dont know about a cure but the treatment sometimes involves ropinirole (Requip) and pramipexole (Mirapex). Well... are you looking for some medicaments (and let you kill fr

What is a natural cure for Tourette's syndrome?

Sorry to say, but there is no cure of any kind for Tourette's Syndrome. However, when I have a bout or I get a patient with a tic disorder, I tell them to read a book or do a

What is the cure for chronic fatigue syndrome?

There is no actual cure for CFS, the only thing you can do is manage it. To manage it, you have to learn to rest, eat right, breathe right, get treated for all contributing fa

Does tourettes syndrome have a cure?

no, as of now there is no cure for TS, but there are medications to help although they are usually reserved for the more severe cases because their side effects may out way th

Is there a cure for Liddle's syndrome?

The only sure cure is kidney transplant. But a cure may not be necessary with only modest pharmaceutical treatment. Liddle Syndrome is a permanent genetic condition. In most c

Can restless leg syndrome be cured?

The prognosis is usually best if RLS symptoms are recent and can be traced to another treatable condition that is associated with RLS.

What are the symptoms of severe Hunter syndrome?

The severe form is associated with progressive mental retardation and physical disability, with most individuals dying before age 15. Males with the mild form of Hunter syndro
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What are the treatments for hunters syndrome?

Hunters syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that happens when an enzyme malfunctions or is missing completely. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Hunter's syndrome at this ti