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How can you use someones eggs if you have some?

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A doctor would fertilize them with the chosen sperm and then place them inside of you.
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What do you call someone who doesn't eat eggs?

In English, it's customary to define people by what they do eat, rather than what they do not. For example most people are considered omnivores. Omni from Latin means "all, ev

Where can someone buy an unfertilized eggs?

An unfertilized egg is one which there was no rooster involved and  they will never be anything but eggs. Virtually all of the eggs  sold in supermarkets in the United State

How do you use someone?

To use someone you treat them like they are your friend only when they are giving you something or helping you out in some way, when they aren't you treat them like crap. You

What are the eggs you can use instead of chicken eggs?

The eggs you can substitute are duck, goose or ostrich eggs - basically any egg. All eggs have the same nutritional value, but make sure the eggs you use are fresh. When coo

Why eggs are such a useful ingredient to a caterer?

Egg is a useful ingredient to a caterer because it can be used  in many different ways when chef's cook for example, making a safer  option in pasteurized egg products, for

What are some uses of eggs in cookery?

you can use eggs for alot of thngs like:- - cakes - omellate - boiled egg - fired egg - egg and toast - egg sandwich - paninis and much more if this ain't the

Can you use duck eggs in a cake?

Using ducks eggs instead of chicken eggs in cake will result in harder texture, but a tablespoon of water per egg can be added to obtain a texture like that of cake made with