How come the left earphone doessn't sound as loud as the right earphone?

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right--main music/beat left--base chorus. For iphone/pod/touch, you can change this in a setting called the equalizer
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What would cause a loud knocking sound under the front left side of your car when making a right turn especially when coming out of a driveway?

most likely a broken shock absorber or a shock absorber leveling spring it is most likely the CV joints and there is no such thing as a shock leveling spring. Aren't CV joints sort of notorious for making a sound on the side opposite of the direction you're turning? I would have joints and bo (MORE)

How do earphones work?

Well, earphones work almost anywhere, so i would say they work by the built-in speakers they have in the earphones. They work on a Mac or a PC. They work on phones, I pods, I pads, and kindles, and also NOOKS!

How do you fix sony headphones when the left earphone has become silent?

Your best chances of repair are if you contact Sony and ask them. . If This problem is only happening when you use the headphones on one device such as an iPod, the circuit in the device may be damaged. I won't get too involved into how to fix this, though.. But if Sony won't help, your warranty (MORE)

When were earphones invented?

Headphones appeared in the latter part of the 19th century (the end of the 1800's). History may have lost the information relating to their invention and inventor.

Do earphones cause ear damage?

Anytime a particular sound is amplified greatly near the ears, there are chances of suffering hearing loss. Earphones, particularly the in the ear ones, can and will permanently damage your inner ear unless you use some simple logic and use respectable volume levels. It doesn't have to be loud in or (MORE)

Why do earphones break?

I would like to kno that as well. i break a set every 3 or four weeks no matter how expensive they are or how much i look after them. I bought an expensive pair of sony earphones and they lasted 1 week i used them prob twice and same with skullcandy earphones. I'm thinking it mite be my ipod causing (MORE)

What are earphones?

Earphones are used in iPods, MP3 Players and sometimes computers and Laptops. If something is amplified out loud, you can plug in Earphones, and you can hear the sound through the Earphones.

How do you use earphones?

Most earphones have a 3.5mm jack, which fits almost any kind of portable device such as an iPod or a Zune. You take the plug from the earphones, and insert it into the 3.5mm port, or 'jack'. Then, you insert the earphone into your ears matching the correct sides which are normally labeled on the ear (MORE)

Can you get free earphones?

If you find ear phones lying around somewhere, then yes. So what you are saying is that you cannot get free earphones. Not true, I have received several free gifts from including free earphonnes

What is the function of earphone?

To direct sound waves from an electronic device such as an mp3, ipod , or CD player , to the ears without disturbing the environment by using speakers .

How do you stop sound coming out of ipod when earphones plugged in?

ive just had the same problem dont know what caused it but ive fixed it simply by removing the headphones and plugging my ipod into the laptop using the lead provided and letting the ipod syncronize. i left mine in then ejected it correctly and now the problem is fixed. i hope this works with yours. (MORE)

Why does sound go out in one ear on earphones?

that kinda depends on what kind of mp3 paler your using. if its a cell phone with a built in mp3, then its just a matter of compatibility. if you notice the bands on a headphone plug, their are 2 at the bottom, one for each ear. on a cellphone mp3, it has 3 bands, ear 1, ear 2 and mic. the middle ba (MORE)

Where does the sound come out of a ipod touch without the earphones in?

If you play some audio, feel around the back of the iPod touch (take your case off, if you have one). You should feel vibrations coming out from around the writing near the bottom, that says how big your iPod is and patent stuff. That's around the location of the speaker, however the sound actually (MORE)

Why do musicians have earphones when they perform?

They are monitor phones fed via radio link from the mixer desk so they can hear the 'whole sound' the band is making. Other things can also be heard: the beat 'click', lyric promps, running order etc.

You cannot connect your earphones to your iPad?

iPad has a 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack so yes you can connect your earphones Input and output . Dock connector port . 3.5-mm stereo headphone jack . Built-in speaker . Microphone . Micro SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G model only)

Do earphones cause hearing loss?

Earphones could cause hearing loss if u have it plugged into something and your listening to music, or something, that to loud, you never want it to be to loud for you ears. I hope I helped.

How do you get the green earphones on Club Penguin?

First you must go to the bat cave and find robin, then he will tell you that you must go to the "pirate ship" first this will probably puzzle you, but you must look deep inside yourself and find the answer within. Once you are on the pirate ship, you will find a red treasure chest. The first ti (MORE)

Why do earphones have magnets?

earphones has magnets because if no magnets the earphone will useless .. if humans has ear drums earphones has magnet.... magnetic element in headphones is typically composed of ferrite or neodymium. it's contain the vibration to reproduced sound. Tiny magnets moving rapidly in respo (MORE)

Is earphones change electric current to sound waves true?

Earphones have coils of copper wire inside them. When music plays through the headphone jack, the current flows through the coils of wire, and that (like a magnet) makes the headphone speaker cone move in and out which moves air. That moving air is the sound you hear.

What rhymes with earphones?

telephones megaphones xylophones beer zones mere bones, clones there are more, but I don't know how many.

What are wireless earphones most useful for?

Wireless headsets are most useful for using a cell phone safely and legally while driving. They are also handy to have when you're trying to multi-task and need both hands free.

Why do earphones break so quickly?

because the mineral used tetheretr is very high toxic and EXPLODES the juices out of the earfone/peanut (aka). which can cause death or even worse .. TYROOAD! red poppen are magic but clocks are killing machines thankyou bamboo guy illaay

Were to buy gummies earphones from?

Lots of places sell Gumy Earphones, try HMV or a local technology shop. Depending on where you live or what country but you can try phone shops, example Orange Shop or Vodafone. Or you could just order them off the internet, you are more likely to find them instead of hunting around shops and at a c (MORE)

Can you use earphones in a phone?

Yes... there is hole in your phone or a rubber thing on your phone that has a picture of earphones on it.. there is always a plug thing in your phone for earphones(:

What would the reason be for not hearing any sound in earphones?

There are many reasons as to why this may occur. The cable connecting the headphones to the device may have a short in it. The drivers (the speakers) may have blown out (however, this is quite unlikely). The headphone jack may be malfunctioning. The device may not be playing anything.

How your ears can be damaged with earphones?

Do you mean headphones or the kind you stick in your ear? Those can give you a ear infection or severely damage your hearing if you listen for too long or turn the music too high. In any case it is not good to shove them into your ear, that can make inner ear damage or shove and move wax.

Does Bose have good earphones?

It is a matter of personal opinion. There are many brands of headphones and earphones out there. The most popular choices of 2012 according to sales figures appear to be Skullcandy and Beats By Dre . Most established headphone/earphone industries have good customer service, warranty service (MORE)

What does it mean when your earphones?

The meaning of earphones is mini speakers. Earphones are designed so that they fit directly on the ear. Earbuds are mini speakers that fit just inside the ear. They are used most often with portable musical devices.

How the earphone give out sound?

Small electrical currents are sent to usually plastic disc shapedsimilar to uor ear drum. These currents vibrate the disk causingsound to be produced.

Why were the earphones made?

I could only imagine that they were invented with the purpose of being innovative and appealing to people who want more portability, light weight, and less standing out from the traditional bulky headphone.

When you plug your earphones into your iphone 5 the speakers are still on and no sound in the earphones?

It's possible you have water damage in your headphone jack, which is why it's no longer working. The other common problem with the iPhone 5 headphone jack is that lint collects in there, and eventually enough gets compacted down in there that a connection is no longer possible. I would suggest usi (MORE)