How common is narcissism in males females children elderly and other groups?

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As Dr. Sam rightfully states above aka NPD.
However the question asked about N-ism and maybe the question was specifically about NPD but just in case....
This to me hs been one of the minor confusions in my studies of N-ism.
In the DSM bible (Diagnostic Scholastic Manual of Psychiatry 1994) under the umbrella of Narcissism are four personality disorders.
in their pathological manifestation
Anti Social Personality Disorder (APD or ASPD) affects 3% of the population: 75% male
Narcissistic PD circa 1% :75% male
Histrionic PD <1% 75% female
Borderline PD <1% : 75% female
Everyone has negative N-traits. In fact one of the greatest values in understanding N-ism is seeing it in yourself and loathing N-ism so much you are more attentive to improving your own being and annuling your own negative N-traits.
So N-ism is a scale from healthy to pathological. One of my concerns if fully 5% of the adult population are path NNN then what percent are strongly disposed.
People with strong ngative N-traits are also a real pain in the ass and best avoided if you can. So what do you say? for every path. N there must be 3 or 4 strongly disposed so now we are talking another 15-20% of the population.
N-ism is the social disease destroying the fabric of society
Armageddon is not a physical clash between the forces of good and evil but is a spiritual war between the forces of compassion and N-ism!  
About 0.7-1% of the population suffers from NPD. Between 50-75% of all narcissists are male. There are no statistics regarding the prevalence of this disorder in other demographic groups (age, ethnicity, etc.)
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