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How could science and technology be used to solve all or part of a human problem?

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Find a way to burn the waste without releasing chemicals
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Why do scientist use classification in solving problem in life science?

Classification helps organize species into more easily recognizable patterns, and these patterns illustrate the evolutionary history of each species. The classification patter

Which of these is a problem that technology cannot solve?

Poverty preventing young people from choosing to experiment with drugs and alcohol diseases *Technology can solve all of these problems, unfortunately there are still som

How has science and technology been used to solve challenges in the society?

So many ways. Medical technologies have revolutionized human health standards. Technologies like LifeStraw (a water-purifying straw) are helping to improve the quality of life

Is technology part of science?

In a strict definition, technology is a different discipline than science although the two are so closely linked that they cannot be treated separately. Science is the study

How does science solve unemployment problems?

Unemployment in itself is not a problem. When the unemployment rate is too high, this could create all sorts of economical problems. Most governments primarily use statistic

What are the Problems created by science and technology?

First of all, there's Human abuse of modern technology including: A: They depend too much on computers to do their work. A.1: Illegal Downloads B: Putting out bad elements

What are the good of science and technology to humanity?

The good of science and technology is everything you see today. Without it nothing around you would be the same. Arguably, even animal and plant life would be different becaus
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Can science and technology solve the unending human problems?

I seriously doubt that it could, because the more things we create, even though they may solve certain problems, they create more, thus creating a never ending chain of proble
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Why can't science and technology solve all human problems?

Science and technology are knowledge based. They give no strength to what men and women need to solve problems. They might give power, "with knowledge comes power" but what yo