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How could science and technology be used to solve all or part of a human problem?

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Find a way to burn the waste without releasing chemicals
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Which is older science or technology why?

  of course science is older.because even in the start,in the days of cavemen,science has already been used. without science,where will technology come from? everything t

How does science solve unemployment problems?

Unemployment in itself is not a problem. When the unemployment rate is too high, this could create all sorts of economical problems. Most governments primarily use statistic

Why can't science and technology solve all human problems?

Science and technology are knowledge based. They give no strength to what men and women need to solve problems. They might give power, "with knowledge comes power" but what yo

How do science and technology affect society?

Technology and Science have to be looked at individually. Technology, when though of, is what man has created ("tech" means craft). Technology can govern what is said about a
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What does technology mean in science terms?

Technology is the scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry for example in designing new machines The first definition of technology was:Technology is the use of