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How could science and technology be used to solve all or part of a human problem?

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Find a way to burn the waste without releasing chemicals
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How can information systems be used to solve human resource problems?

  Having records on the computer makes them more accessible to both the employer and employee. For timesheets and payroll, it saves hours of time of figuring paychecks, ta

Why do scientist use classification in solving problem in life science?

Classification helps organize species into more easily recognizable patterns, and these patterns illustrate the evolutionary history of each species. The classification patter

What is a problem that cannot be solved by science?

well..  one of the problem is..  Where Hydrogen should be???in periodic table..  x  There are many questions, especially religious ones. For example, the most obvious ques
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Why can't science and technology solve all human problems?

Science and technology are knowledge based. They give no strength to what men and women need to solve problems. They might give power, "with knowledge comes power" but what yo