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The writers and the rest of the cast and crew did not know that the series would be canceled so there never was really an ending. It's too bad that such a long running program never got to tie up loose ends and let America say goodbye to the beloved characters. The actors also never got a chance to officially close that chapter of their lives.
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How did the Bonanza episode The Last Vote end?

Ben took so much time in deciding who to vote for that his ballot was late and therefore invalid. That made another election the following week a reality. Both mayoral candida

Why do they call this TV show Bonanza?

Bonanza was the term for a large gold strike during the 'gold fever' days of the old west. The Poderosa was worth it's weight in gold with timber and cattle as a source of rev

How did the show Bonanza end?

The final episode was called The Hunted. Little Joe is persued by a homicidal nut. Since the cast and crew did not expect the series to end at that time, a final show tying up

Was jeanne Cooper on bonanza?

Yes , Jeanne Cooper was in two episodes of "Bonanza" : "She Walks in Beauty (1963) as Emilia Miller and "The Good Samaritan" (1962) as Abigail Hinton .

What is a bonanza?

A bonanza (from bonacia, a fortuitously calm sea) can be a windfall, bounty or riches. The term was applied to a valuable ore vein or lode, and metaphorically to any other s