How did Margaret Clitherow die?

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In Saints
she was sandwiched between a rock and a wooden slab and then weights were dropped on top of her and she died
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When did Margaret Atwood die?

Unless she died *really* recently and all the biography pages arebehind, she is still alive and well, living in Toronto. MargaretAtwood was born November 18, 1939.

How did Margaret Mansfield die?

Margaret Mansfield was the first wife of Benedict Arnold. She diedin August of 1804. It was later discovered that she died fromcancer.

How did Margaret Corbin die?

of a natural death. - im not sure if that's right but i do know that after the war she was disabled and received pension and her disabilities might have to do with her death

Who is Margaret Thatcher?

Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of England, she was also a great influence to British politics. " Her impact on Britain was sweeping and lasting, leaving a market economy and a more right-wing Conservative party." (Travel and History)

Who was Margaret brown?

Margaret Brown was an American socialite who became famous as aTitanic survivor. She was nicknamed as The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

What does Margaret mean?

The name Margaret means, pearl. It is of Greek origin.  . The name Margaret might be of Persian origin. In the Persian origin, it means a pearl or daughter of light.  . \n

Who was Margaret Thatcher?

MARGARET-THATCHER-was the first British -female-Prime-Minister-during the early eighties-until her retirement in the early nineties,when she was replaced by JOHN MAJOR. She was Prime Minister under the Conservative Government of the time. Margaret Thatcher was of the best female st (MORE)

How did Margaret mitchell die?

Margaret Mitchell, the author of Gone with the Wind, died from herinjuries after being struck by a drunk and speeding driver. Shedied at age 48 on August 16, 1949, five days after the incident.

Why did Princess Margaret die?

Chain-smoker and chain-drinker, who was basically an unhappy woman. She still made 71, and her funeral was attended by her mother who died soon afterwards. (It is said to be a terrible experience to outlive your children.)

What did Margaret brent do?

Margaret Brent was the first woman to appear before the court ofthe Common Law in the American colonies. She assisted in providingfor soldiers and she advocated for the rights of women owningproperty.

Where and when did Margaret nimmo die on Neopets?

On Neopets, you can only get the answer to the Brain Tree Questions by finishing the Esophagor quest twice, once for when and once for where. There is no other way to get the answer.. -panquequeswithsyrup

How did Margaret maid of Norway die?

Margaret, Maid of Norway died of very bad sea sickness and dehydration. She was travelling to get married to Prince Edward II of England, at 7 years old!

Where did Margaret pteria die?

You have to go to the Esphagor and feed it to answer the brain tree's questions. Even if you put the right answer in it won't work.

How did Margaret Wise Brown die?

There are two different women here. Margaret Wise Brown was a juvenile author of children"s books, generally low-key and upbeat- like Pussy Willow. Margaret (Molly) Brown was a Titanic survivor who was, by occupation an art dealer.

Why was Margaret Clitherow a martyr?

Because she put her faith first. At the time of queen Elizabeth Catholic weren't allowed to go to mass and priests weren't allowed to hold mass or preach. If you were found with a priest in your home or had any things in your home which was for intent to hold mass you could be tortured and put to de (MORE)

How did Margaret s getchell LaForge die?

Miss Margaret was my great-great grandmother. According to her diaries, and family lore, she died from "female troubles". After Abiel died she was very sickly, always "taking to her bed".

How did Margaret ann brady parents die?

her dad died when he was working at the docks.. a man would have been crushed by crates, Mr. Brady pushed him out of the way but Mr. Brady got crushed... ms. Brady died when she took ill and Margaret and William had to take care of her. she had a raging fever but they called the doc. but it was too (MORE)

How did Margaret die?

Princess Margaret Rose Windsor died of some form of Cancer. She was in her seventies, young, as royalty goes. Queen Margherita of Italy- which can be translated as Margaret had coronary thrombosis, according to the New York Times, She was 75 but looked older with her regal white hair.

How do you pronounce Clitherow?

cllff row that's how it's pronounced ******************************** Is it the name of a small town called Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK? OrSaint Margaret Clitherow (1556 - 25 March 1586) English saint ofthe Catholic Church?

What did Henry VIII's sister Margaret die from?

It is possible that the Tudor family suffered from a hereditary illness. Although this has not been proven by science it can be proven by history (accounts from that time in History). Margaret Beaufort (1443-1509) and her son Henry VII (1457-1509) have not been identified as having any illness howev (MORE)

Who is Margaret Hello?

Margaret hello is the Girl friend of Alexander graham Bell( theinventor of telephone). it is because of her that the custom of ussaying hello while answering a call came into existence. The answer above is not true. Margaret Hello is a myth thatnever existed. Some people falsely claim her to be t (MORE)

Where did Margaret knight die?

He died in Africa i know it sounds weird but he traveled half across the world on his horse to Africa in search of new animal species. He founded the kookabura bird : 0 JUST KIDDING!! SRRY ANYONE PLEASE IMPROVE THIS ANSWER!

When did Margaret Calvert die?

She had cancer and her mum killeed her coz she thought it woiuld be easeya and she let her do that to her andf she didnt care opnew bit

What does Margaret atwood do?

well she is a writer, an essayist, a novelist and a poet. she haswritten over 35 books including poems and short stories.

When did activist Margaret Sanger die?

Margaret Sanger died in 1966. She was famous for being an activists for almost her whole life concerning herself with the case for birth control after witnessing the effects of too many pregnancies, ill fated abortion attempts and unwanted children, during her time as a nurse.