How did Neil Armstrong's daughter die?

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she died of a brain tumor on January 28 1962 Karen Armstrong, the daughter of Neil Armstrong, was four and a half years old when she died of pneumonia, due to the physical effects and degradation caused by a brain stem tumor. I hope Neil is with her now.
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What was Neil Armstrong's famous quote?

' That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.' He spoke these words as he stepped out onto the lunar surface, the first time anyone had set foot on the moon. Much has been made about the omission of the word 'a', but it is perfectly clear what he meant and recent analysis technique (MORE)

Who were Neil Armstrong's parents?

Stephen Koenig Armstrong and Viola Louise Engel wereNeil Armstrong's parents. Neil Armstrong was born August 5, 1930 in Wapakoneta, Ohio. He hasa brother named Dean and a sister named June.

Who is Neil Armstrong's wife?

Neil Armstrong was married twice, the name of the first wife was Janet Sharon, they were divorced , the second wifes name is Carrol.

What was Neil Armstrong's wife's name?

Armstrong has been married twice, first for 38 years to Janet Elizabeth Shearon, who is the mother of Eric, Karen (deceased), and Marc. His current wife is Carol Held Knight, whom he married in 1994. Neil Armstrong's first wife was Janet Shearon. They divorced afterbeing married for 38 years. Armstr (MORE)

What was Neil Armstrong's rocket called?

The rocket that powered Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins' spacecraft toward the moon was a Saturn V rocket. The name of the command module in which they traveled was called Columbia and the lunar module, in which Armstrong and Aldrin descended to the surface, was called Eagle . (MORE)

What is neil armstrong's current address?

Neil Armstrong died on August 25, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Hisbody was cremated and his ashes were scattered at sea. His wifescattered them in the Atlantic Ocean from aboard the USS PhilippineSea ship.

How did Neil Armstrong's daughter Karen die?

In June 1961, two-year-old Karen Armstrong was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the middle part of her brain stem. X-ray treatment slowed its growth but her health deteriorated to the point where she could no longer walk or talk. Karen died of pneumonia, related to her weakened health, on January (MORE)

What was the name of Neil Armstrong's spacecraft?

When he landed on the moon, the name of command module was the Columbia. The name of the lunar module was the Eagle . His other spacecraft have included the Gemini 8 and Gemini 11. . appolo 11 Apollo 11

What was neil Armstrong's education?

Purdue University granted Neil Armstrong a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering, and the University of Southern California granted him a Master of Science degree in aerospace engineering. A number of institutions have granted him an honorary doctorate.

What was Neil Armstrong's childhood like?

He was good natured & soft spoken just as he was as an adult. Family friends who still reside in Wapakoneta have said he was never one for chit chat, unless you were talking about model aircraft or scout trips. He had a happy, carefree childhood & was raised by working class people which I imagine c (MORE)

What was Neil Armstrong's quote?

"One Small Step For A Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind". There is however much debate about wether or not he actually said the A.

What is Neil Armstrong's Email address?

Due to the massive amount of traffic he would receive, Neil Armstrong's email address is not public. You can contact him through NASA: Astronaut Office/CB NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX 77058

Who are Neil Armstrong's granddaughters?

Neil Armstrong is world famous astronaut. He has a total of 10grandchildren during his lifetime. A couple of his granddaughtersare Kali and Piper Van Wagenen.

What was Neil Armstrong's rank?

Neil Armstrong was a US Navy Ensign. He served in the Navy for three years (1949-1952). His rank at NASA was Mission Commander.

What was neils Armstrong's life after fame?

After becoming the first person to walk on the moon, Armsrtong quit NASA and became a professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnatti. Armstrong also sat on several boards including Learjet, Marathon Oil, Thiokol and United Airlines. He was one of the people who investigated the (MORE)

What was Neil Armstrong's biggest accomplishment?

His biggest accomplishment was probably being the first person to land on the moon! He looked for rocks on the moon to take back to Earth and carried out some scientific experiments. This was July 20, 1969. Although Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon Buzz Aldrin then landed on t (MORE)

How did Neil Peart's daughter die?

Neil Peart's first daughter and then-only child, 19-year-old Selena Taylor, was killed in a single-car accident on Highway 401 near the town of Brighton, Ontario on August 10, 1997.

How did Neil Pearts daughter die?

Peart's first daughter and then-only child, 19-year-old Selena Taylor, was killed in a single-car accident on Highway 401 near the town of Brighton, Ontario, on August 10, 1997.

What is Neil Armstrong's heritage?

Neil Armstrong's family left London on17/12/1887 arrived at Brisbane on 6/2/1888.The family traveled overland & settled for a time at Freestone.

Who is neil Armstrong's co pilot?

Edwin "buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins. Aldrin walked on the moon while Collins stayed on board and took pictures as well as communicating with Earth.

What is neil Armstrong's autograph worth?

I have seen 500-30,000 depending on when, condition, what he signed. I think the ones at the time he was in the apollo program are worth more as are signed photo's

What were Neil Armstrong's famous moments?

He was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the moons surface. Armstrong joined NASA's astronaut corps in 1962 and made his first space flight as commander pilot of Gemini 8. In 1966 he became NASA's first civilian astronaut to fly in space. On this mission he performed the first (MORE)

What are Neil Armstrong's family members?

first wife Janet Shearon son Eric was born in 1957, followed by daughter, Karen, in 1959. The following year, the Armstrongs welcomed their third child, son Mark He had met his second wife, Carol Held Knight