How did expanding democracy bring Andrew Jackson to power?

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He was a democratic party representative...LOL gave more people power
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How did Andrew Jackson promote democracy?

Andrew Jackson promoted democracy by supporting the common man and states rights when he refused to sign the recharter for the national bank. He put the money from the nationa

How did Andrew Jackson expand democracy in the us?

In the decades surrounding the presidency of Andrew Jackson democracy began to expand. States rewrote constitutions and extended the franchise to all free white males. Europea

How did Andrew Jackson increase democracy?

he got rid of the land requirement for voting. Before him white male had to own a piece of land to qualify for voting. He got rid of the land requirement, thus more people
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How did Andrew Jackson expand the power of presidency?

Jackson made a fuller use of the veto power. Other presidents had only vetoed bills that they judged to be a violation of the Constitution. Jackson vetoed bills that he found
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How did Andrew Jackson expand US territory?

Jackson's primary method of expanding US territory, both as an Army general and as President, was forcing Native Americans off their land. His most significant act of this typ
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What were Andrew jacksons views on democracy?

The movement created by Jackson on his election was an authentic democratic movement dedicated to powerful, radical, egalitarian ideals for white men. Its origins go back to t
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How did Andrew Jackson change the definition of democracy?

Andrew Jackson changed the definition of democracy by he wanted to get rid of the electoral college so that the popular vote would decide the president and please the people