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How did movies change to compete with tv in the 1950's?

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They went to a wide screen format to have an advantage over the square box of a TV screen.
Movies Became 3D in the 1950's to lure in the dwindling customers, also to improve the movie going thrill movie theaters showed full color wide screen movies as well
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Was I Love Lucy on tv during 1950's?

  Certainly, it was one of the longest-running comedy series and was/may still be kept going on reruns, in the late sixties, co-star Vivian Vance admitted they only make a

1950's crooner famously fired on live TV?

Julius LaRosa was fired by Arthur Godfrey in 1953, after having been a performer on Godfrey's weekly variety show for two years. Godfrey did not like the fact that LaRosa was

What were some 1950's tv shows?

I love Lucy , Father knows Best , Our Miss Brooks , Burns & Allen , The Honeymooners , Leave It To Beaver , Gunsmoke , Bonanza ,

1950's children tv show?

There were many Let us take the decade as a whole: Winky Dink and you had art lessons with some sort of tracing device that fit over the Tv screen and was sold extra (May have

How did television effect society in the 1950's?

During this era, television became the predominant form of mass media because of the increased frequency with which families would watch it. One of the major effects of TVs in

Was there TV in the 1950s?

yes.   or   Yes, Television "REALLY" started in the 50's. Emerson started a type of TV with Channel W2XB in New York.   There were two competing types of TV signal

How Many people had TV in 1940's - 1950's?

No one had TV in the 40's because they were not made or sold. In the 1950's the household with TV numbered 6,000,000. By 1960 it was 60,000,000.

How did television advertising change family life in the 1950'S?

The growth of television advertising during the 1950s contributed to family aspirations. Television was then regarded as a more trustworthy source of information that today. E

How has TV changed?

It was originally black and white and you couldn't cuss or anything. Now it's full color and you can say pretty much whatever you want. TV has also changed by how big it has g

What was the price of a television in the 1950's?

The 1950's was the years that color TVs were first sold to the public. At this time, black and white tabletop TVS ranged from $130.00 to $300.00, black and white console TVs r

What kind of tv shows were on during the 1950's?

There were a lot of great actors in wonderful Westerns, such as  "Gunsmoke", "Have Gun, Will Travel", etc. There were comedy shows  with people like Lucille Ball, Louie Nye,

What movie and television projects has TV on the Radio been in?

TV on the Radio has: Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "Saturday Night Live" in 1975. Played Themselves - Musical Guest in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played