How did the Compound Microscope change life as people know it?

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the compound light microscope provided people the ability to see objects too small to see with the naked eye. It also enabled microscopes to magnify at different rates, usually 100x, 400x and 500x.
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What is a compound microscope?

The term compound microscope normally refers to a light microscopethat uses two or more lenses to magnify objects. (Two lenses doesnot refer to the number of eye pieces as doe

Why is the microscope called a compound microscope?

The compound microscope is called compound because the modifier compound means "two or more." A compound microscope has two or more lenses lenses. This is to be distinguish

What is the effect of microscope on people life?

Without the microscope we wouldn't know as much about cells as we do now with microscopes and we probably would be more prone to sickness considering that sickness has to do w

How did microscopes effect and change peoples lives?

The microscope changed peoples lives because one it helped us find out that spontaneous generation was not true on the other hand, it helped us discover the 'wee little beasti

How did microscopes change human understanding of life?

Well, first, humans used to think all these crazy ideas about life because they did not know anything about cells, molecules, atoms, or anything else beyond the naked eye. Onc