How did winifred wigmore meet Mary ward?

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Winifred Wigmore met Mary Ward at the Gunpowder Plot.
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What did Mary Ward do?

She was basically a very early freedom fighter for women, as she started an order of nuns (IBVM) and founded many schools. There's a scientist called Mary Ward, too.

When did Mary ward die?

Mary Ward died on the 30th January 1645, her last words were "cherish god's vocation in you". Nobody knows where she was buried because her body was moved. She does however have a tombstone in York.

What has the author Winifred Mary Castle written?

Winifred Mary Castle has written: 'Statistics in operation' -- subject(s): Medical Statistics, Statistics 'Statistics in small doses' -- subject(s): Biometry, Problems, exercises, Programmed instruction, Programmed texts, Statistics