How do I locate Interstate Life accident insurance company?

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Interstate Assurance Company (based out of Des Moines, IA) was a part of the Irish Life family. It was purchased as a merger / acquisition by Protective Life Insurance Co of Birmingham, AL in July 2002. Interstate Assurance and Interstate Life are two completely different companies.

Interstate Life & Accident Insurance Company (Chattanooga, TN) was founded in 1909 ... the primaries being Dr. Joe Johnson and Ted Montague. It was acquired by Gulf Life Insurance Company (Jacksonville, FL) in July, 1980. Gulf, in turn, was acquired by American General, year's end 1995 as memory serves.

Interstate L & A was never associated with Irish Life.

Please contact AIG for more information. You may access the following website: Below you will see the former answer to this question. This is incorrect. Interstate Life was part of the Irish Life family. Around 2000 they were bought out by Protective Life. Protective Life's phone number is 800-955-4304. The old Interstate number was 800-247-5352 and was also bought and answered by Protective. Ask for Customer Service. You will reference your old Interstate policy number.
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