How do human fertility drugs increase the chance of multiple births?

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This is because how the eggs are fertilized. You can compare it to animals in the wild. When you make a zoo and protect them from outside sources they live longer, and when you shelter the eggs from start to finish more of them end up surviving creating a multiple birth.
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How well does clomiphene work for a fertility drug and what are the chances of having more then one baby?

my husband and i have been trying for 2 months on the clomid this is our 2nd month and i think we got it ! Won't know for sure for a couple more days but i have all the sympto

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Why do women who take fertility drugs often have multiple births?

This occurs more likely when in vitro fertilization occurs (IVF). The term means fertilization is preformed in vitro (glass),in a glass dish or glass test tube. More than one