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How do pesticides become accumulated along the food chain?

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When pesticides are sprayed into stagnent pools of water, either by accident or on purpose, small larvae eat the pesticide. Then it gradually travels up the food chain by predators eating their prey.
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Absorption and accumulation of toxic chemicals up the food chain is a definition of what word?

Bioaccumulation is a process by which chemical substances areingested and retained by organisms, either from the environmentdirectly or through consumption of food containing

Do pesticides affect animals in food chains?

  Yes, as the pesticide affects the primary consumer it will affect all the other consumers after that. It will especially affect the top consumer, (the carnivore) as the

Why do pollutants accumulate as you move up the food chain?

They accumulate as you move up the food chain because,They travel from organism to organism.For example,it may enter a food chain when it's absorbed by a plankton,and the poll

How are pesticides passed through the food chain?

There are a couple of main routes:   * A bug would absorb the pesticide, and be eaten (before or shortly after death) by a bird or other insectivore. That animal would then

How pesticides affect in food chain?

Pesticides affect the food chain because even the smallest bacteria or producer can absorb the pesticides and as you continue up to the food chain to the consumer or herbivore

What happens to poisons as they are passed along a food chain?

  Three things are possible   * They get oxidized (in the broad sense of the word) and lose their particular chemical character  * They dissipate to non-toxic levels

How do pesticide enter food chain?

Humans put pesticide on the plants. Insects then eat the plant and become sick, but may not die right away. They may scuttle, fly, crawl, or however they move away, only to ge

Explain what is meant by the statement The amount of food energy passed along grows smaller and smaller as the chain becomes longer?

That statement is talking about a food chain and the amount of available energy:   The most energy is available at the producer level. A producer is a plant that gets energ

What is the accumulation of DDT is in the stages of food chain?

Because energy is lost as you move up a food chain, more organisms must be consumed in each successive level to maintain the level of energy necessary to biological processes.