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How do republicans feel about social security?

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If they are on it they love it. If they are super rich and will never need it, they love it. If they want to steal from the pool of money to spend it on something else, they love it.
But they don't want to pay for it or give it to people who need it.
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What do the Republicans think about social security?

There is evidence that a majority of Republicans believe it should be privatized: most Republicans today say they believe in smaller government, and say that it is not the rol

Can you collect both social security and social security disability?

If you are receiving Social Security Disability and reach full retirement age, the full amount of your benefits will be transferred from SSDI to Social Security Retirement. If

Can I Receive disability social security after receiving social security?

Once you reach retirement age, your Social Security Disability benefits convert to regular retirement benefits, payable at the same rate. You cannot collect an additional amou

How do Republicans feel about health care?

The Republican Party believes that people shouldn't have to pay for other people's health care, and that some people like their current health care provider. Their argument

Do social security recipents pay social security tax?

Presumably the question is about U.S. Social Security taxes. Social Security taxes (commonly referred to as FICA taxes) are taken out of your earnings each time you receive a

When can you get Social Security?

Currently, the social security retirement age is 65. However, you can get the funds out earlier if you were willing to receive less in the way of a benefit. You can check ou

How do Republicans feel about national security?

Politically (and simplistically) speaking, the security equation is viewed as: "Security * Rights = c ( constant)" The more rights individual has; the less security. This stat

What is Social Security?

Social Security is benefits provided under the Social Security Act  (1935), financed by the Social Security Tax authorized by the  Federal Insurance Contributors Act (FICA)

Does Social Security recycle Social Security numbers?

Till date, 450+ million SSNs have been issued, but with just under  1 billion possible number combinations, there has never been a need  to recycle numbers, and the SSAhas c