How do reset the lock code for an Ipod without the original lock code?

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you reset settings in settings section in the i pod
If you forgot the code:
(Note: I did this in Linux, so you non Linux users might have a little more trouble)

Plug your Ipod into a computer (Dock or Cord)

Access your iPod, find a way to see hidden files (in windows you can via file options, mac... i don't know)

Once you can see a folder called "iPod_Control" enter it

Next you will see a folder called "Devices" Delete it.

Eject your iPod, once you start it up, it will ask you what language you prefer. ohh, and if you put your iPod back in your computer, and go back to iPod_control the folder devices is restored.

Last step, go to screen lock, and put in a new password (or just leave it blank)

Your songs and playlists are still intact :D :D
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How do you reset the radiocd player after entering the wrong code a few times and it locked?

Answer . I had this problem with my CD Radio.\nI entered the code incorrectly on three occassions then it locked me out.\n. \nI disconected the unit from the power supply and left it over night.\n. \nThe next day I entered the code as normal without any problems.\n. \nThat is asuming that you (MORE)

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How can you unlock a locked ipod is there a hard reset?

An iPod that is locked (the screen lock, not the hold switch) can only be restored via iTunes if the combination is not known. Restoring the iPod will erase all contents of the iPod and take it back to factory-fresh condition. Wrong. I found this online, tried it and presto! How To: Unlock a (MORE)

How can you reset the locked password on ipod nano?

Yes you can! Just watch the following video on Youtube. You have to connect the Ipod to a PC or Mac and unhide files and you delete a file called "locked". Yes it is that simple. I used this myself after hunting everywhere and it does work! Required Ite (MORE)

Samsonite lock code?

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What is Apple ipod default screen lock code?

I have a 80 gb 5th gen classic - Just connect your ipod to a computer find your ipod on the "my computer" area or what I like to call the back end (NOT thru itunes!)- where it looks like folders - and follow this path - X:\iPod_Control\Device, find the lock app and delet it. That worked for me. It s (MORE)

So you lets say found this ipod touch but it has a lock code on it and i cant figure it out so how can you reset it?

Honestly, it is considered hacking, and the iPod Touch must go back to the proper owner. However, if it was found on the street, where hundreds, even thousands, of people walk by every day, then it is yours, but there is no way to figure it out other than plain random guessing. though you must be ca (MORE)

How do you reset a passcode locked ipod?

It depends if you want to change it once you are in, or if you want to completely reset everything. To just change the password, go to the settings and then to general. Then go to Password Lock and just put in your current password, and you can turn it off or anything like that. But if you want to c (MORE)

Forget phone lock code?

what's your phone ? as you put your question in android category, use your Google account if you forgot your lock pass

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If you locked your iPod touch how do you reset it?

Hold the home and sleep button until the apple icon appears in the background. . If that doesn't work, then you may have to connect to itunes. . Hopefully, you won't have to connect to itunes, because if you do , it will delete everything. . But if you do, plug into itunes and repeat the first st (MORE)

How do you reset a locked and disabled Ipod Touch?


Nano iPod with a security lock on it you forgot the 4 digit code how can you get into your iPod?

Assuming you are talking about an iPod, there are two things you can do. First try this: Connect your iPod to the first computer it was synced with or the computer set as the primary one in iTunes. Open the iTunes application, then disconnect your iPod from the computer, and it should no longer b (MORE)

How do you get pass iPod lock code?

if u have an apple i pod click on tools and u will see it. if you mean get PAST someone elses or your own... ther is no possible way exept guessing

Forgot iPod Nano lock code?

Plug it into the computer and restore factory settings. This deletes everything but you can sync it all again.

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What is the combination lock code for ipod?

Whatever you set the combination to be. But iff you can't remember the combination code to unlock it, plug your iPod into your computer and open iTunes. Then when you unplug your iPod the lock will go away and you can use your iPod freely again.

How to reset code for home digital mechanical door lock?

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How do reset a locked iPad with out the pass code?

(These instructions can be used to reset any iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) Connect your device via USB to your computer Open iTunes On the left hand sidebar, under devices, there should be your decide listed. Click on the device's name. Toasted the middle of the screen there should be a b (MORE)

What do you do if your ipod is locked and you forgot the code?

Try this: Connect your iPod to the first computer it was synced with or the computer set as the primary one in iTunes. Open the iTunes application, then disconnect your iPod from the computer, and it should no longer be locked. As a last resort you can go to apple site and look for restore your (MORE)

How do you reset a lock code on the blackberry torch?

If you enter the password too many times incorrectly (up to amaximum of 10, I believe), the phone will reset itself. If there isdata on the phone that you want and it is not on your microSD card,then there is no way to recover it in this situation.

How do you reset screen lock code on iphone 4?

I have a iPod and I am on it now... And for me you go to the settings and then go to general and click pass-code lock click it and type in your code... And then click turn off pass code then it is turned off!!

How do you unlock your lock when you forgot your code?

I will suggest you to the best way to reset your mobile..If it is nokia mobile means the default phone lock password of Nokia is 12345 or 00000 Hope it works if you have not changed your security code. If you have changed then according to your IMEI analysis your Nokia Master password is: 72071774 (MORE)

What are cell phone lock codes?

Cell phone lock codes are when you take a combination of four numbers between zero and Nine, eg; 0000,1234,3245,6566,9876, it needs to be in a special order and you have to type it in exactly right. there is ones on phones ,iphones, ipods and some other electrical items. Hope this helps

How do you reset your password for your iPod touch when you are locked out?

You have to turn it off then turn it back on after an hour. After that plug your iPod to your computer then erase some of the stuff on your computer than find something on your computer that says erase or delete if it does not work go to the apple store in the mall or a place where people sell apple (MORE)

Is there a way to change your lock code on your iPod when its lost?

Maybe. You have to have an iPod Touch with iOS 6, be an iCloud user and have Lost Mode enabled. Lost Mode will allow you to lock your device and send it a message with a contact number. Then whoever finds it can call you from the Lock screen without accessing the rest of the information on your devi (MORE)

You lost your lock code how do you reset it to factory lock code?

The best way to unlock your phone is to take it to your nearest service provider, or you can try through your Google account that you used to set up your phone. Most likely if you tried several times it is locked from that not just from not knowing the pass code. Your service provider should be able (MORE)