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How do satellites gather data for satellite image?

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Satellites gather data from a satellite image by using electronic devices to collect computer data
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What do satellite images show?

Satellite images can show things like landforms and the outlines of countries. Also, those images can be used in GPS devices to show roads.

How do satellites gather information?

Sensors and optical viewing devices take in the information and the on-board computers organize the data to be sent down to us through the transmitter.

How are satellite images helpful?

they r helpful as they are made such they go into the space and dont get burrn and get us valuable information about universe

What are satellite images?

Photos taken of Earth from an orbiting satellite

How can you get a current satellite image?

You can get one of an address at zillow site. If you need an image of something else, specify.

What are the types of weather data gathered by satellites?

These days they can gather lots of different data in the atmosphere. There can take profiles of the temperature, humidity, optical thickness of the atmosphere...they can look