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How do the hooves aid grip on a camel?

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They don't, camels do not have hooves.
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What are grips?

  they r things that go onto your hands in gymnastics in the high bar or uneven bars they r normally made out of leather the r just another way to grip a bar and the dont

Do camels have hooves?

No, modern camels do not have hooves. They have a two-toed foot  with toenails and a soft footpad. Prehistoric camels may have had  hooves. Wait, no prehistoric camels have

What is grip?

Supposedly, in England, it's your packed personal belongings, i.e: "Get your grip & come with me..." Here in the US, it's the strength of your handshake, or, time for a realit

What does the camel do?

It walks around the desert being autistic and then does sum crap after that and den drinks sumfin and den it plays cod and gets a 15 kill streak unlocking the EMP which can be

What are hooves for?

  Like claws, hooves are also made of keratin and are found on mammals such as pigs, deer, antelope, and horses. Hooves are usually found on herbivores or prey animals. Th

What do grips do?

Grips fill two major functions on a film set. First is to secure,  mount and 'grip' the camera, so that the director of photography  can use the camera as intended for the s

What is a grip?

A person who operates something that can hold onto something. Or if you want the practical definition a part of a sword or a gun that you hold to use the weapon at hand!