How do weeds kill other flowers nearby them?

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block out sun, soak up water, use up nutrients in the soil.
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Can weed kill you?

Not directly. The active agent, THC, has some side effects on physiology and psychology, but addiction has fewer withdrawal symptoms than other illegal drugs. Still , there a

How do you kill weeds?

There are a number of ways to kills weeds. The best method and hardest to do, is to pull the weeds from the ground keeping the roots intact. This prevents the plants from cont

Can weed kill?

Weed can not kill you it just gets you high but if you overdose on it, it will affect you in different kind of ways

How do you kill a weed?

The best way to kill a weed is digging it up. Using bleach, or weed chemicals can kill the weeds, but they cause a problem. The chemicals sink into the ground, into undergroun

Is dandellion weed or flowers?

The definition of a weed is 'a plant which grows were you don't want it to.' Dandelions are wild flowers, they are only weeds if you don't want them. A rose bush in the middle

Is a bluebell a weed or a flower and why?

To some it could be a flower, and to another person it could be a weed. If you want the bluebell to be in the location it grew then it would be a flower. A weed is only a weed

Does Weed B Gone kill flowers?

Of course. Most weed control products are "selective" which means they kill weeds and not grass. The labels should does not kill grass but will kill everything else.
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Does weed killer kill flowers?

Landscape fabrics, non-organic or organic mulches, removals, and sprays are ways to kill weeds, not flowers. Landscape fabrics and mulches do not suppress such aggressive weed
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Why do weed killers not kill other plants?

Selective weedkillers target a specific type of plant. They may beable to damage only a certain part of the target plant or disruptone kind of biological process, both of whic