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How do wildfires affect the ecosystem?

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How Wildfires Affect Ecosystems
Fire is a natural occurrence that is both destructive and reconstructive. -See the related site below to see how it is beneficial to many plants.

Although they can be expensive or deadly for humans, occasional wildfires increase habitat diversity and improve forage for most animals. Occasional fires also prevent larger, destructive wildfires from occurring; a lesser fuel load and green, wet growth discourage fire. Certain animals live specifically in freshly-burned areas, and burn zones are critical habitat for animals including hawks, owls, black-backed woodpeckers, and bluebirds, as well as all the grazing mammals that return as vegetation returns. Some vegetation begins emerging within a couple days of a fire, plants, and trees that have higher sunlight requirements benefit tremendously in the abundant sunlight. A: All the unburned minerals in the ashes left over from the fire promotes new growth.
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How do wildfires affect plants?

yes they will burn the bottom brush but if prescribed fires are  done in time it will relese all seeds as soon as it is burned to  replant all seeds to re populate the area

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How can a wildfire affect an ecosystem?

When the living material in an ecosystem is burned away there is not an ecosystem left. A new one has to develop from dormant seeds protected from the heat and/or has to come

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Wildfires may burn up deep tangled undergrowth, remove shading  trees, and allow other plant species to get a head start in  beginning the forest regeneration. There are som

How is a wildfire good for the ecosystem?

Fires (before man) were natural, periodic events and when they comethey clear areas leaving a mineral rich ash which nourishes the newplants that grow afterwards. They mean th