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How do you bail off your skateboard in Tony Hawks Project 8 for PS2?

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Press L1 and R1 (the rectangular buttons underneath the "L" and "R" on your controller)

In fact, that is how you do it on any Tony Hawk game (except "Tony Hawk Ride")
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Who inspired Tony Hawk to skateboard?

His older brother who bought him a board when tony was 6 years old.     Of cource. He has his own skateboarding area in his backyard. Not only that, but he was on "Are (MORE)

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How do you turn off the skate board peripheral on Tony Hawk RIDE for Wii?

When you turn off the wii the skateboard stays on because the dongle is still powered on via the USB port. The first blue LED on the skateboard will still be lit which means t (MORE)

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Why did Tony Hawk stop skateboarding?

As of early 2013, Tony Hawk is still skateboarding at least 4 days a week. If you are referring to why he stopped competing in the early 2000's, there are myriad answers, bu (MORE)