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How do you bail off your skateboard in Tony Hawks Project 8 for PS2?

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Press L1 and R1 (the rectangular buttons underneath the "L" and "R" on your controller)

In fact, that is how you do it on any Tony Hawk game (except "Tony Hawk Ride")
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How do you get to the skateshop in Tony Hawk Project 8?

First you have to beat missions in the suburbs, open and beat missions in the skatepark, and then talk to the Mascot or do a trick over the mascot's remote controlled car. The

Did the game tony hawks underground come before tony hawks project 8?

The Tony Hawk series is a computer and video game series endorsed by Tony Hawk and is created by games developer Neversoft and published by Activision . The series

How do you get to the skateshop in Tony Hawk Project 8 for PS2?

to unlockt he skate shop, you have to finish the suburbs and enter downtown. once you are here, try to get some "Am's" "Pro's" and "Sick's", after a while jason lee will tell

How do you get off your skateboard in tony hawks proving ground?

you can not because you mostly do missions not to play 2 players because the company must of thought people wanted the game for story mode to see what was new only tony hawk's

How do you get into the school on tony hawks project 8?

you have to keep doing missions until you get a call from thesargeant. you then do his mission(you will have to make your wayall around the capitol to make it through the lazo