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How do you bail on Tony Hawk project 8 for xbox360?

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my nuts r big
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Who inspired Tony Hawk to skateboard?

His older brother who bought him a board when tony was 6 years old.     Of cource. He has his own skateboarding area in his backyard. Not only that, but he was on "Are

Is Tony Hawk married?

Tony Hawk did actually merry Cindy Dunbar in April 1990, but later had a divorce in 1993. They had a son named Hudson Riley Hawk, Born December 6th 1990. Tony and Cindy named

How old was Tony Hawk when he died?

Tony Hawk is still alive. He is married to Lhotse Merriame, has 4 children, has multiple video games, has retired from contests (but still skates), has his own skate company (

Does Tony Hawk have nephew?

Yes Tony Hawk does have a nephew.

Who is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk is a famous skate boarder with many talents. He did moves  like the Ollie to Indy, 540, Ollie 540 and 900.