How do you bail on Tony Hawk project 8 for xbox360?

my nuts r big
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Most recently, you've developed an over-the-counter remedy to relieve heel pain, both for athletes sporting cleats as well as red carpet favorites rocking high heels. Why did you take the time to develop an over-the-counter spray?

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Does tony hawk have a PS3?

Tony Hawk's Ride was poorly rated (3.5), but came out November 17 2009 and Tony Hawk's Proving Ground was rated a little better (6.5) and released October 15 2007. Tony Hawk's (MORE)

Who inspired Tony Hawk to skateboard?

His older brother who bought him a board when tony was 6 years old.     Of cource. He has his own skateboarding area in his backyard. Not only that, but he was on "Are (MORE)

Is Tony Hawk dead?

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk is not dead. As of mid-2012, he is still alive and well. Any reports of his death are rumors.
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Did Tony Hawk die?

No, Tony Hawk did not die. He is still alive and well and hanging ten off pipes and doing vast tricks with skateboards. He is still alive and well in his 40s.
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Is Tony Hawk married?

Tony Hawk did actually merry Cindy Dunbar in April 1990, but later had a divorce in 1993. They had a son named Hudson Riley Hawk, Born December 6th 1990. Tony and Cindy named (MORE)

What things is Tony Hawk known for?

Tony Hawk is known for his very good skill at skateboard. Tony Hawk is famous mainly for his skateboarding career. He was the first person to land the 900 in a competition, wh (MORE)

Did the game tony hawks underground come before tony hawks project 8?

The Tony Hawk series is a computer and video game series endorsed by Tony Hawk and is created by games developer Neversoft and published by Activision. The series launched in (MORE)

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