Is it true you were in the middle of your geochemistry doctorate when you decided you wanted to be a writer instead?

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How do you beat level 26 on boombot 2?

Blast a hole in the third column left of the exit, without setting off the TNT. Then blast your bot over into the space between the second and third columns, and as he is fall

How do you beat Level 2 on Casualty?

RIGHT. the guy on the toilet, click him and he will crap. the click the will flush but make sure the stck man in the pipes has not got his helmet on....then you cl

How do you beat meeblings 2 level 9?

Click and hold on the Chameebling until it turns brown, which is 8 stages. Click the brown meebling (exit meebling) and an exit will appear. You could also turn him into a blu

How do you beat level 44 on boombot 2?

Use 1 Bomb to tilt him slightly to the right toward the opening and then quickly use the second bomb to blow the explosives under the wood. It should blast him into the openin
How do you beat level 2 on causality?

How do you beat level 2 on causality?

There are 5 victims to kill. 1) First kill the guy in the sewer : click on the head of the guy on the toilet twice. This makes him poo. Click the guy in the sewer's helmet s

How do you beat level 2 on Causality 2?

Well, first, you click on the man in front of the target to take him behind the apple tree. Then, you click on the bird to poop on the guy with the bow and arrow. He will shoo

How do you beat level 45 in meeblings 2?

You literally bounce the box. use the three meeblings that are already there and make the box land on them. if it lands just right, the box will bounce into the air and break

How do you beat level 4 on causality 2?

Level 4   There are 6 victims.   Click second stall in restroom to lock it. Click guy in rear of  balcony, who goes to concession stand. Click drink cup next to  oth