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How do you beat level 70 in shift 2?

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How do you beat level 22 on meeblings 2?

First, turn the dude with the hat to the dude with the glasses. Then, turn off the electricity. Next, use the hereling to bring all meeblings to it. Then, turn on the but only (MORE)

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How do you beat level 14 on Me and the key 2?

This is an extended version of the "snake" game, where clicking the moving line turns it to its left only (it circles counterclockwise), and it gets longer with each ball you (MORE)

How do you beat level 9 on me and the key 2?

Don't move the mouse at all: the penguin will think about the key. Place the mouse cursor where the key was so you can click on the key location without *moving* the mouse, wh (MORE)

How do you beat level 1 on causality 2?

Click the broom the wife is holding. Then the cup, which she throws and it bounces back to kill her. Click the man in the tub, who goes upstairs to complain about the singing. (MORE)