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How do you beat level 70 in shift 2?

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How do you beat the last level on Raze 2?

To kill all the dudes named "human", you have to bye the Acid Hound, the Acid Hound is 5,000 credits. But to kill Raze Soldier faster, you have to bye the assault bouncer, the

How do you beat level 18 on me and the key 2?

Click the colored squares (not the white) until they are all white. Clicking pink turns it orange, clicking orange turns it blue, clicking blue turns it white (makes a key sha

How do you beat level 6 on me and the key 2?

Slide the sections left and right to guide the ball through the holes to the bottom where the key is. It may seem hard, but keep trying. There are only 23 sections to drop thr

How do you beat level 23 on me and the key 2?

Make all backgrounds orange and put all penguins down as far as they go (peeking position). To beat level 23 on Me And The Key 2, click the backgrounds on the TV's until the

How do you beat level 22 on meeblings 2?

First, turn the dude with the hat to the dude with the glasses. Then, turn off the electricity. Next, use the hereling to bring all meeblings to it. Then, turn on the but only

How do you beat causality level 2?

You jump on the first block and click your hammer. Then you hit the  frog over the head. You will see bird wings, and you jump on them  to get them. Finally, you fly to the

How do you beat level 26 on boombot 2?

Blast a hole in the third column left of the exit, without setting off the TNT. Then blast your bot over into the space between the second and third columns, and as he is fall

How do you beat level 44 on boombot 2?

Use 1 Bomb to tilt him slightly to the right toward the opening and then quickly use the second bomb to blow the explosives under the wood. It should blast him into the openin

How do you beat Level 2 on Casualty?

On this level, you will have to move a little fast.   Click on the stickman in the sewer, and hit helmet will fall off.  Then, click on the stickmans head on the toilet a

How do you beat level 2 on causality?

There are 5 victims to kill. 1) First kill the guy in the sewer : click on the head of the guy on the toilet twice. This makes him poo. Click the guy in the sewer's helmet s

How do you beat level 2 on Causality 2?

Well, first, you click on the man in front of the target to take him behind the apple tree. Then, you click on the bird to poop on the guy with the bow and arrow. He will shoo

How do you beat level 22 on me and the key 2?

Move the purple keyhole around by dragging the screen around it.  (Click near the top or bottom of the hole to grasp it.)    Move it toward the lower left corner of th