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How do you beat level 70 in shift 2?


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How do you beat level 26 on boombot 2?

Blast a hole in the third column left of the exit, without setting off the TNT. Then blast your bot over into the space between the second and third columns, and as he is fall (MORE)

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How do you beat level 4 on causality 2?

Level 4   There are 6 victims.   Click second stall in restroom to lock it. Click guy in rear of  balcony, who goes to concession stand. Click drink cup next to  other (MORE)

How do you beat level 1 on causality 2?

Click the broom the wife is holding. Then the cup, which she throws and it bounces back to kill her. Click the man in the tub, who goes upstairs to complain about the singing. (MORE)