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You have to post that you are doing it, and then a screen will come up and you have to click yes when it says do you want to break up with so and so if the screen doesn't come up then you should just post it so everyone will know if he did something really bad then chew him out for it.
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How do you get your boyfriend to break up with you?

Ooh! One of my favorite questions to answer! Mwa ha ha ha haa! Okay, so be obnoxious: like if he sits with you at lunch, belch alot, talk really loud, take food from his plate

How do you break up with your boyfriend in a letter?

My advice is don't! If you are going to break up with someone you should at least have the decency to do it to their face!! How would you like it if someone just broke up with

What do you do if you break up with your boyfriend and he crys?

to be perfectly honest there isn't much you really can do. You will have to lay it down straight and tell him the reason for the break up. tell him it would be better not to b

How do you get your boyfriend to not break up with you?

First off, if your boyfriend wants to break up with you, then maybe you're just better off without him because there IS someone out there who will never want to leave your sid

How can you tell if a your boyfriend is breaking up with you?

I'm sorry honey I don't know... --- Avoidance and annoyance. If your boyfriend starts to avoid you, he is probably trying to make you angry enough that you break up with h

What to do if your boyfriend breaks up with you?

yes u should be sad.. but depending on how much he hurt you.. you should try your hardest to forget about it... i mean unless u were planning on marrying him.. i suggest you f

How to you slowly break up with your boyfriend?

ANSWER Start to give him little hints... such as not hugging as much, or honestly BE TRUTHFUL...He'll appreciate it. its nasty if you keep going out with him and you don't

How do you react when your boyfriend breaks up with you?

ANSWER: If it was me, I am not sure how I will react. It also depend on what's going on with our relationship. But knowing he just damp me, I will be shock and will wonder

How do you break up with a smothering boyfriend?

Well I would just tell him to A. stop smothering if you think you want to give him a 2 try or B. tell him you don't love him or just say its not working out for you! Just make