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Monthly average balance is the sum of daily balances in a month divided by the number of days in that month.
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What are the average monthly temperatures in Arkansas?

Fahrenheit Januaryaverage maximum temperature 50average minimum temperature 33average precipitation 4.6 inchesaverage snowfall 2.3 inchesnorth/northeasterly winds January tem

Average monthly cost for cable?

On average, Basic Cable: $30 Basic Cable with more features :$60 (most popular) If you want even more options, it can go up to $100

What is the average monthly cost for braces?

Orthodontic costs vary greatly around the country. An average case fee is about $5000-$6000. Most offices will offer a variety of payment plans. An in house finance with no in

How is the average daily balance calculated?

it is the sum of the daily balance divided by the number of days in the billing cycle

Calculate monthly sales growth?

To calculate monthly sales growth a sales company needs to compare  the sales from a previous month with that of the current month. If  current sales is divided by a previou

What is the average monthly income for a Dermatologist?

  $16,000.00 a month is the average monthly salary for a Dermatologist. That's $4,000.00 a week or $100 dlls. an hour. You need 4 years of college, 4 more years of Med

What is the average monthly income of a McDonald's?

Avg total Corp income $21billion divided by 31,000 avg number of stores divided by 365 days equals about $1,800 per day.

Average monthly food cost?

About 100-200 dollars

What is the Average monthly cost for water?

Well, that all depends on how much water you use. The average though is about 150 dollars per person. Remeber: we can save the world by doing our part to protect it. So please
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How do you calculate the average monthly temperature?

  Answer   You add up all the average temperatures of the days in the month and then divide them by the number of days. I'm going to give you an example but in order

What is Cambodia's average monthly rainfall?

    The average rainfall that I have found seems to be between 100-150 cm per year. The dry months (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar) average between 5-30 mm per month. Sept. & Oc