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Can you discharge unpaid payroll taxes in bankruptcy?

Some debts, such as taxes (including payroll taxes, most student loans and unpaid wages) are not forgiven in bankruptcy even if you file, and will not be discharged even if yo

How is payroll calculated?

Payroll is calculated by taking how many hours the employee worked and multiplying it by how much the employee gets paid per hour. Any money being withheld for taxes, insuranc

What is payroll tax?

Payroll tax is the tax that is collected from employers to pay for  government benefits for their staff. These include programs like  unemployment, disability and social sec

Are payroll taxes taken out of Ebitda?

No. EBITDA is a measure to simulate operating cash flow. If you have no earnings or profits you will not pay Income Taxes, but you are still required to pay payroll taxes and

Meaning of payroll and how is it calculated in payroll?

A payroll is, in layman's terms, the out goings a company has to spend on its staff or human resources. These are often very complicated and difficult to figure out due to fac

How can you pay a payroll tax liability?

  If you owe payroll taxes to the IRS and are unable to pay the full amount you have a few options and it is also based on whether or not your company is still in operatio

What is social security payroll tax?

Payroll taxes generally fall into two categories: deductions from an employee's wages and taxes paid by the employer based on the employee's wages. The first kind are taxes th

How accurate are online payroll deduction calculators?

The accuracy of online payroll deduction calculators really depends on the information that you enter. You might want to look up your government website for your country and s

What is a payroll and how is it calculated?

Payroll In a functional accounting sense, "payroll" consists of an employer's activities related to the compensation it pays to its employees (payroll accounting, payroll tax

Is 401k taken out of your payroll before or after taxes?

  You can elect for either under most plans...butit is virtually always done as a contribution BEFORE tax, and not included in yoiur current earnings. That is in fact one

What computer software is used to calculate the payroll?

The best software to use is MS-Office Worksheet, which is efficient and helpful. But a bigger company might use more-advanced and more-specific software.   There are many p

How do you calculate the employer's portion of payroll taxes?

Answer   The employer portion of the payroll taxes is computed by multiplying the gross wage by the appropriate percentage assigned to that tax. For example, the social s