How do you care for babies?

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It is very hard to care for babies. You must give them food, warmth, attention and company. You can't take your eye of them or else there will be trouble. You also have to pay a lot of money for a crib, food, clothes, nappies, bottles, dummies, prams and also toys. Babies could never live without toys to amuse them. If you have a job you have to hire a good babysitter. It is good if your partner or the father/mother is there to help but you definitely need help from someone,
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How do you take care of a baby horse?

If it is just born, you want to make sure that the mare is caring for it, sometimes mares wont "except" their babies. First off make sure it suckles from its mother, the colos

Care for baby mallard ducklings?

First off; NEVER EVER FEED THEM BREAD . It's the single biggest killer in all wild ducks, feeding them is killing them! Just like when you see the "Please don't feed the

How does the turkey take care of their baby?

They just try to protect it from anything that would eat it. A turkey chick can eat and drink on its own, it just needs to learn what to eat and it learns that by watching its

How are the babies cared for?

Babies need lots of baby food (or milk, in that case), and try to keep them from crying (VERY annoying) by buying them toys frequently and give them lots of "love" that people

How do you care a baby?

by doing what you suppose to do that the baby need clothes shoes and other stuff

Can a baby take care of a baby?

That is impossible. They can communicate and connect, but they cannot take care of each other. Besides,,, taking care is not in the dictionary of babies come on :)

How does an armadillo take care of its babies?

Before armadillos can start raising their young, they need to matein order to produce a litter. Many species partake in some form ofcourtship ritual before they breed, but the

Do fireflies take care of their babies?

No. The female firefly lays its fertilized eggs on the ground orjust below the ground and goes its own way. A few weeks later, theeggs hatch. The baby fireflies (called larvae

How are baby cheetah cared for How are baby cheetahs cared for?

Cubs are usually reared in hidden areas like bushes and small caves. The cubs lay hidden and don't make any sound when their mother is out hunting. The mother cheetah frequent