How do you catch mew without cheats?

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you can.But you need the ticket to go there.
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How do you catch mew Celebi jirachi Deoxys Lugia and Ho-oh without using cheats or going to live events?

You cannot catch some of the Pokemon mentioned without using cheats or going to live events. Those Pokemon are: mew, deoxys and celebi. You can catch all the other Pokemon you mentioned without using cheats or going to live events. Here is the list of the Pokemon and how you can catch them: ji (MORE)

What are cheats for catching Mew in Pokemon?

Mew Cheats for Pokemon defeat the elite four 12 times and can be found in the wild in the cerulean cave, and also, there is no way of catching mew natrually without cheating, as this cheat is only done if you buy this uber expensive action replay

Location of mew without using cheats?

Ok, in Diamond and Pearl, the only way to get it is to migrate Pokemon from the GBA game. In Ruby and Sapphire, I only think you can get it by trading. In Emerald, I think that you have to mix records with someone, then, it will give both of you a ticket, and you talk to Capt. Stern, and he'll say w (MORE)

How do you catch Celebi without catching mew?

u can catch celebi in gsc, but not in fr, lg,r,s,e, or any other of the newer games, unless ur in japan and have the colloseum bonus disk.. mew is available in red, blue and yellow, not sure about green. of course i have a mew from my emerald.but that is the only game, u also need the old sea map. (MORE)

How can you catch Mew in Pokemon Emerald without Cheats or going to a Nintendo Event?

Beat the elite four 20 times and go to route 118. Save the game pull the game out (while the game is playing) Turn the game off then turn it back on and save the game. Now you can walk through water then you'll find a mew (shiny mews are common there) You'll also have a glitch to find uknown numbers (MORE)

Can you catch mew in the wild with out cheats?

Answer . how can you catch mew in the wild . Don't listen to him but not that I know of but I looked up another question and it said you can on Platinum with an Action Replay.Don't ask me what the code is because I don't have one.-Levi1998

How do you catch Deoxys without a cheat?

Im not sure about this but I once went underground and found a fossil with one of those tentacle things that Deoxys had but the wall colapsed before i could get it but i think you need a fossil to get Deoxys.

How do you catch mew without Nintendo event or action replay?

you have to get the old sea chart and you get it at the hunters house.... but on the down side you need a wireless adaptor and after that you somhow get the mytic ticket from somone on the dock of slatport. then talk to the boat woman she will say where do you wanna go. pick faraway island and mew w (MORE)

How do you catch Darkrai without cheats?

In platinum, no I don't think you can... but in diamond and pearl you either need an event (for example: go to toys-r-us to get manaphy) to get darkrai or, send it to a friend using Pokemon ranger:shadows of almia then have them link trade it to you. __________________________________________ (MORE)

Mew without cheats in LeafGreen?

I saw a video on youtube on how to catch a mew in the safari zone but it didnt work.You cant catch a mew in leaf green without events cheats or trades.Hoped i straitened things out about catching mew. P.S.-am only 12

How do you catch luigia without cheating?

Lugia is available in gold, silver, and crystal, and that is all.. Lugia was available in Emerald in 2005 in Nintendo Events, but is no longer. To get a ligitimate one nowadays, you need to know someone who got a legit one in 2005, and mix records with them. This will send over the appropriate tick (MORE)

Can you get mew on LeafGreen without cheating?

Well I have been searching online for years now when playing the game and I always get back the same stuff such as "before you get on the ss anne, surf to the right and push the truck out of the way" or "when you beat the elite for he's in the room behind where you heal your pokemon" but those aren' (MORE)

How do catch a mew on Pokemon pearl without using cheats and is not a fake?

Your unable to catch a wild mew on pearl im afraid, as there are only two ways to catch a mew: 1. Use a cheat cartridge 2. Trade it over from Older Pokemon games( and its a nightmare to get 'im on them as well...) Soz to burst your bubble, but why not try trading it over the GTS( Global Tra (MORE)

Can you catch mew without cheating?

It is only possible to get it in Pokemon Red, and Pokemon Blue without buying it at a Pokemon event. In order to get it you go to the 2 people near the house that leads to Celadon City from Lavender Town. Walk into their view and press START very quickly. Have one of your Pokemon use Fly and fly to (MORE)

Where to find mew without cheats?

Well it depends what game you mean. It is only able to be caught without cheats in Red, Blue, Green(yes it does exist but it was only released in japan), Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where can you get Mew without cheating?

mew is only available from Nintendo events, or, from the WIIware game Pokemon ranch . ignore the crossed out but yes in poke ranch transfer 100 Pokemon to the game and the girl will trade hers for a egg or for a certain Pokemon she will give u a mew egg. in platinum after u seen all the Pokemon ( (MORE)

How do you catch Manaphy without cheats?

Manaphy can only be obtained through events or trading. To obtain aManaphy, one must attend a Nintendo promotional event or trade witha trainer who already has obtained Manaphy.

How do you catch a mew without hacking?

On Pokemon Blue, Yellow, Red, Crystal, Gold, Silver, FireRed, LeafGreen Can not get it without cheating Perl, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire Yes if you trade from Emerald Emerald Mew is found on "World's Edge Island," and you need some sort of Old Sea Chart item to get there. (Link to the (MORE)

How do you catch mew on Pokemon yellow without fly?

use the gambler glitch, you go to the gambler outside lavender town, with the underground path and walk down towards him 1 step, press start, and if you hve a pkmn with teleport, you can get away. then go to the guy with the slowpoke in the town with misty, then go to lavender town again and go back (MORE)

How do you get mew in blue without a cheat?

You can get a mew in blue.You can Speak To Steven The Hoenn Champion In Random Places.He will usually be in caves.When you battle him he only has 1 Pokemon.Its a level 5 mew.Once You Defeat him you black out and appear in the Sinnoh region.Once You Catch Azelf,Mesprit,Uxie you will receive a masterb (MORE)

Is there any gba game that you can catch mew in with no cheats and if yes HOW?

There is no game where you can catch mew without cheating or events, except for the original Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. Make sure you have a Pokémon that knows Fly. On Route 8, stand in front of the door of the Underground Path. Save your game , since saving after this point will disrupt (MORE)

Is there a way to catch the legendary Pokemon like mew lugia ho-oh jirachi and Deoxys without cheating?

In emerald you can catch deoxys and jirachi but your internal battery needs to be working if it is keep going to the space center until they get to rocket launch 99 then talk to the dude that tells you which one there on and he'll ask if you would want to go on 100 if you do you can catch jirachi an (MORE)

How do you catch mew without a master ball Pokemon pearl?

If you get my pokemon ranch on the wii then transfer 999 pokemon onto it, hayley will give you a mew as the pokemon she brings to the ranch on that day. The pokemon ranch can also be used for an extra storage system for pokemon but only works with diamond and pearl.