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How do you catch that wiggly tree Pokemon in Battle Frontier on Pokemon Emerald?

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you must first obtain a wailmer pale which is in the pretty petal flower shop right outside of rustboro city. go out to the tree and press a it will ask you if you want to water it say yes and it will become anrgy and battle you it is actually a sudowoodo at level 30 make sure you stock up on ultra balls and try to catch it save before you talk to it because it is the only one in the game good luck
That i right, also if you want another sudowoodo just put it in the daycare with a ditto (to get a ditto either trade it from firered or go to the fossil maniac's house and go into the cave and there are loudread and ditto there) and they will have eggs :)
Actually, when I battled it in Emerlad, Mr. Firstanswerman, it was Lv. 40.
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How do you get to battle frontier on Pokemon emerald?

after you beat the elite four, you will end up in littleroot town. after you come out and birch upgrades your pokedex and take a few steps, Scott will call you and tell you to

What Pokemon can you catch in the battle frontier that you cant catch anywhere else on Pokemon emerald?

in the battle frontier, you can catch 2 different kinds of Pokemon. they are sudowoodo and smeargle. you know that old lady who talks about the odd tree? go up to that 'odd tr