How do you cauterize flowers?

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To cauterize a cut flower, immerse the fresh cut stem end in boiling water for ten seconds, or hold it over a candle flame until the ends are sealed.
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What is a flower?

A flower is a small plant that contains pollen, nectar, andusually petals. They can only grow in mild conditions and die outduring the winter seasons. Flowers are the reproductive organs ofthe plant. After they are pollnated, they'll grow theirseeds and drop their petals, The seeds will grow and b (MORE)

What does cauterized mean?

Answer . Cauterizing means burning the wound to the point that the blood vessels are sealed and stop bleeding. The new scalpels being used burn through the flesh which cuts down on the amount of bleeding during surgery.

Why is silver nitrate used in cauterization of wounds?

From . Silver Nitrate . From BME Encyclopedia . Jump to: navigation , search . Silver nitrate is a chemical compound with chemical formula AgNO 3 . This nitrate of silver is a light-sensitive ingredient in photographic film and is a poisonous, corrosive compound. Silver nitr (MORE)

Why do we have flowers?

Answer to smell them.... yay & there edible, meaning there food(well some ar!) but they let out oxygen so therefore its good forour environment! :)

What is cauterizing used for?

Answer . Cuaterizing is generally used the stem the flow of bleeding from a wounder or during surgery. However, recently cautery tools have been used as a way of branding in the body modification industry.

Has anyone ever survived being cauterized?

Cauterization is a method used everyday in the medical field, usually under local anesthetic but also under general anesthesia for larger areas or internal organs (i.e., the bladder) and is usually very well tolerated. Survival is inevitable :)

What is a modified Pomeroy procedure with cauterization?

There is no such thing as Modified Pomeroy with cauterisation. Pomeroy's procedure is a surgical technique in which a knucle of the Fallopian tube is cut off resulting in destruction of 2-3 cms of the Fallopian tube. Tubal destruction can be achieved with cautery also, but should niot be called Modi (MORE)

What powder in bullets can cauterize wounds?

Answer: Gunpowder. Answer: Unless you are an actor in a Rambo movie don't count on this working. There are a lot of very good quick clot powders (e.g. QuikClot) available that stop all manner of blood loss form nasty wounds and hurt a lot as they do it too. Gunpowder (black powder) is not a (MORE)

What to expect after nasal cauterization?

Here are some answers from people who have the procedure done: I had nasal cauterization last week. I had 3 blood vessels in my right nostril that kept bleeding very easily (even if I ate spicy food!). So, I met the doctor and got it cauterized in the same first appointment. The silver nitrate is (MORE)

What are flowers for?

\nflowers produce oxygen jut like all plants. Also, some animals such as bees use them to make food we eat everyday like honey.

What do flowers do?

Flowers are sexual structures. Their purpose is to attractpollinators to the plant and guide these pollinators to thenectaries of the plant while at the same time ensuring that as thepollinator arrives any pollen brought by the pollinator is placedon the stamen and before it leaves it is dusted with (MORE)

What is the flower?

Bloom or Blossom of a Plant In the popular sense, the bloom or blossom of a plant; the showy portion, usually of a different color, shape, and texture from the foliage. The reproductive structure of some seed-bearing plants (angiosperms), characteristically having either specialized male or fema (MORE)

What does cauterize mean?

To cauterize is a verb referring to the searing of flesh by either the application of heat or caustic solution such that blood loss is stemmed and exposed flesh is sterilized or burnt so as to be sealed.

Where is the flowers?

Flowers can be seen everywhere. Just look around and you can see flowers. Mostly flowers are planted in the house's garden and in the park.

Is it painful to have your nose cauterized?

not really they usually just makes your eyes run :| when i had it done it was in front of a hot nurse so i felt like an idiot but no its just a quick sting pain and then your eyes run as most hospitals use a magnesium strip :) hope this helps ----------------------------------------------------- (MORE)

What are a side affect of nose cauterization?

When you get your nose cauterized it does not hurt because the doctor puts a numbing thing in your nose on a cotton ball, After its done it took me about an hour to get my feeling back (the numbing stuff ran down my throat so it numbed my throat) and then I got a runny nose, then a blocked nose, run (MORE)

Should you use saline spray after nose cauterization?

It is recommended that you do not use any nose spray unless directed by doctor after the surgery. But there is nothing wrong with Saline as it is not harmful in any way to a open wound and is used as a cleaning agent with major cuts and abrasions.

Can you get pregnant after a tubal cauterization?

If the procedure is done correctly, no, you cannot get pregnant after tubal ligation, cauterization, & ligation. Ths means that your fallopian tubes have been cut, cauterized, and tied to prevent eggs from traveling from your ovaries to your uterus.

What is a sentence for the word cauterize?

After the doctor removed the growth from her arm, he sent a portion of it to the pathology department, and then he cauterized the wound in order to prevent any bleeding and also to sterilize it.

What can flowers do?

Flowers can be used as the decoration of the room , when it is someone' birthday , it can be used a very good gift and it can make people feel very happy .

What is brown spot under nose after cauterization?

That's Silver Nitrate, which is the chemical used to cauterize the blood vessel. I've had two nose cauterization done recently due to nosebleeds, and both times a bit of silver nitrate gone onto my skin right outside my nostril. Initially I was worried that I might not be able to get it off, but aft (MORE)

Were to get flowers?

Well there are loads of flower shops and there are free wild flowers in filds and forests and paths most flowers grow in spring e.g. blossem dafodials and buttercups dalidions and dasiys and loads more if you want to buy freash flowers like tulips and blue bells go to the florists and buy some coulo (MORE)

What can a flower do?

Well, where do I start? Huh. . If your flower is on a plant like a strawberry or pepper, once it is pollenated it will become a fruit/veggie . If it is on a bush or tree (fruit tree especially) it will become pollenated and turn into seed of fruit. . Some random flower planted for looks will, onc (MORE)

Can you have your gums cauterized in order to lengthen tooth appearance?

Yes, it is known in the dental field as crown lengthening procedure or electro-surgery. This procedure can be completed by utilizing either a scalpel, a laser or a electro-surgical unit. (*Even though the machines are similar The term cauterizing refers to stopping blood and shouldn't be referred to (MORE)

What is the purpose for heart cauterization?

also called coronary angiogram, is a test to check your heart and coronary arteries . It is used to check blood flow in the coronary arteries , blood flow and blood pressure in the chambers of the heart , find out how well the heart valves work, and check for defects in the way the wall o (MORE)

What is cauterization in medical terms?

basically to cauterize is to shinge close. it uses an electrical current and transfers it to heat so we can "zap" a blood vessel in surgery to stop the bleeding. we can also use in D & C to essentially scrape and burn the area being treated.

What is the flower for?

So that people will get attractive to the flowers and we needflowers because it can make the earth beautiful.

Where is flower from?

Flowers are from nature. They grow on bushes, out of the ground,and sometimes on trees.

What does 'to cauterize' mean?

To cauterize is a medical procedure in which a portion of the body is burned in order to close off or remove a portion of tissue. It is most often used to remove unwanted or harmful growths.

Why is Germany cauterized in the northern hemisphere?

Well, well ... I hope not .... My limited understanding of the English language tells me"cauterized" means "burned, etched away, " At the moment I´m enjoying the sunny warm weather, dry, around 21Cin middle-west Germany and I'm quite sure you should re-phrase yourquestion :-)

What is the definition of cauterization?

burning of part ofa body to remove or close off a part of it in a process called cautery , which destroys some tissue, in an attempt tomitigate damage, remove an undesired growth, or minimize otherpotential medical harmful possibilities such as infections, whenantibiotics are not available.