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How do you change the color of the video transitions in Windows Movie Maker?

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Unfortunately, you can't change any of the video transitions in Windows Movie Maker.
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How do you convert a Windows Movie Maker video file type?

You can't convert a .MSWMM video because it is still in project form.  Conversion to Standard formats such as .wmv is achieved during the Publishing/Finishing process.  Bott

How do you mute a video in Windows Movie Maker?

To Mute a video in WMM (windows movie maker):    > With your video in the Time-line view of WMM    > Click the + button beside the Video track    > Right-

How do you edit out parts of a video in Windows Live Movie Maker?

You can edit-out parts of a video in Windows Live Movie Maker by using the Split feature: > Open Windows Live Movie Maker > Import a video The video shows up in 'film-str

How do you get video clips on windows movie maker?

Video clips (as all media) must be Imported into WMM (Windows Movie Maker). Video files must contain the one of the following file name extensions:  .asf, .avi, dvr-ms, .m

How do you mute a video in windows live movie maker?

To mute a video in Windows Live Movie Maker: > Click on Edit (top menu ribbon) > Make sure Fade in/Fade out options say: None > Click on the Video Volume icon (on left si

How do you put Quicktime videos onto Windows Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker does not accept the .mp4 format (file name extension). However, conversion to one of the following formats will ensure the file can be imported into the pr

Why isn't Windows Movie Maker showing my video?

It is not showing your video because the file name extension (format) is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. The file name extension (format) has to be one of the followi

How do you edit video from Sony Handycam in Windows Movie Maker?

The video from your Sony Handycam is very likely in .MOV format which is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker.    You will need to convert the Handycam video to one

Additional video effects and transitions for Windows Movie Maker?

Rehanfx.org has effects and transitions you can download, but the process is difficult (in my opinion). There is a video tutorial I found that has a gentleman who guides you t

How can you put transitions on Windows Movie Maker?

Transitions can be added to your Windows Movie Maker project in the Storyboard view of the program.    The space between each clip in the project is where Transitions a

How do you edit mov format videos in windows movie maker?

I haven't used windows movie maker before. I kind of knowing it doesn't support mov format as import content. So you'd better converting the format into the contents that supp