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This is a very involved procedure, that is too complex to post here. Go to any auto parts store and purchase a repair manual for you ride. There you will find detailed instructions. Cost around $12

How do you change an alternator belt?

There are two bolts on the alternator one long that holds the alternator onto the vehicle and one short that adjusts the belts to tighten and loosen. Loosen both bolts, this allows the alternator to tilt letting you remove belt. Pull it back into place and tighten. Let it run for at least 15 min and recheck slack in belt. If this is a serpentine belt; Loosen the tension on the belt tensioner, pull off old belt, put on new belt, leave slack at tensioner, pull back tensioner, wrap belt on tensioner, release pressure On most alternators there is an adjusting bolt and a pivot bolt , both bolts must be loosened slightly to enable you to move the alternator , After the two bolts have been loosened , move the alternator ( toward the engine to loosen the belt ) (away from engine to tighten the belt ) You might have to move other belt driven components in the same manner as for the alternator Install belts adjust tension on belts ( It will often be necessary to use some sort of prybar to move the components while the belt is adjusted ,If this must be done to gain the proper leverage , be careful not to damage the components being moved or the part being pried against . ) Belt tension of each belt is checked by pushing on the belt at a distance halfway between the pulleys ( push firmly with your thumb and see how much the belt deflects ) A rule of thumb is that if the distance from pulley centre is between 7 and 11 inches the belt should deflect 1/4 inch , 12 to 16 inches 1/2 inch . A serentine belt ( the tension is controled by a tensioner ( loosen tensioner replace belt ) For better installation instructions go to the libary and check out a book or buy a Haynes Repair Manual for your make , year of car hoped this help you out If you have only one external belt on your car, it's probably a serpentine belt. There will be a tensioner that needs to be released using a breaker bar or some other tool. With the pressure released it should just slide off... make sure you remember how it went on - maybe take a picture. Now if it's more than one belt you've got... usually there's a way to move a component driven by the belt. Usually the alternator itself swings a bit if loosened to slack the belt. Note: It's recommended to replace the tensioner either at the belt change, or 60k or so. This really depends on what you are changing it on but i bet there is some sort of a tensioner that you have to relieve pressure and reroute the belt the way it came out and release the tension back on the belt This really depends on what you are changing it on but i bet there is some sort of a tensioner that you have to relieve pressure and reroute the belt the way it came out and release the tension back on the belt

How do you change a alternator on a Ford Explorer?

Answer . \n. \n1. Loosen the tension belt. There should be a sticker on the front of the engine area telling you how.\n. \n2. Remove the 3 bolts holding the alternator to the engine block.\n. \n3. Disconnect electrical wires.\n. \n4. Replace the old alternator with the new part.\n. \n5. Reconnect electrical wires.\n. \n6. Replace 3 bolts.\n. \n7. Replace serpentine belt.

How do you change the alternator on a 1985 Jaguar?

Two ways. First one... remove the air pump, remove the A/C and discharge the system, and then the alternator is right there and easy to get out. Takes about 4 or 5 hours this way and an A/C recharge. Second one.. The right way, requires patience. From underneath, slacken and remove the belt. Remove the adjustor bracket. Loosen the power steering hoses from the lower crossmember, and there is a plastic strap that hold the hoses you can't see that will probably break on the top of the cossmember.... no biggie. Now the hard part, remove the bolts on top of the alternator, 1/2" socket and wrench. There are two, front and back. The thing falls out.. sometimes the swaybar will need to be loosened on just the drivers side. Install is the reverse, with some patience. About 3 hours.

How do you change a alternator in a Hyundai Sonata?

Tip, don't remove cables to determine if altentor is bad... could trip electrical componets and computers and sensors.. you cn tell by simply checking the batery rechargs or not... the altenator replacement is pretty straightforward, it genertes electricity by the spinning on the cerpintine belt so look there for an unpainted metal block with copper coil inside it that is also attached by electrical cords on your battery. Remove power from the battery for this job. Good luck, its not hard to do, its just an expensive part sometimes.

How do you change the alternator on a 96 grand am?

Answer . this is a tricky one if u dont no how to take the tension off the belt there are three bolts and one nut the nut is attached to one of the bolts its the bottom back on the other front one is right next to the metal braket for hosting the engine the third one is hard to get at its on the back under the plastic piece that goes to an exhaust line pull the rubber piece off and feel around on the back you should be able to feel the bolt

How do you change an alternator in an infiniti i30?

\n. \n Answer \n. \ndismount the a/c compressor\n. \nThis one is fun. Loosen the power steering unit. Remove the belt. Loosen the Air conditioner Idler pulley and remove the belt. Loosen the alternator and remove the belt. At this point it is best to buy new belts for each unit, so you don't have to go through this again. The alternator is removed by pulling the pinion bolt and the lock nut.

Changing an alternator on a 98 cavalier?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.If the vehicle is equipped with a delco loc 2 or theftlock audio system make sure to have the activation code before disconnecting the battery. . Remove the drivebelt . Label and detach the wires from the backside of the alternator . Remove the mounting bolts and separate the alternator from the engine

How do you change the alternator on a 98 Altima?

first disconnect battery, disconnect alternator and unbolt ground from it, loose two bolts on the sides there's a third bolt that it's located in the front of the alternator, this third bolt will release the pressure on the serpentine belt. when you're done doing this just keep unbolting the sides 'till come out and pull out the alternator, backwards for installation but make sure all the wires are well connected and everything in place, and try not to tight up the belt too much.

How do change alternator in 1999 Maxima?

its easy at the same time its a pain in the ass, you have to remove the drive belt and jack the car put it on a jack stand and remove the ac compresor and lose the altenater bolt out from there you just pull that bad boy out. Simple if you know what you doing.

How do you change alternator on 1999 Firebird?

Purchase a new alternator and you will see what bolts you will need to remove. Disconnect the Negative Battery cable before starting any work on replacing the alternator. Remove the serpentine belt -- that's that belt going accross the alternator, I think using a 15mm wrench on the tensioner will let you pull it back enough to get the belt off so you will be able to remove the alternator. remove the quick connect connector from the alternator remove the bolts securing the alternator, they are different sizes so try to remember where they go, or put them back in the holes until you are ready to put the new one in. remove the positive terminal from the alternator simply reverse this procedure to install it

How do you change alternator on Buick regal?

Disconnect the battery, then remove the alternator belt on theRegal. Unhook the alternator wiring and bolts, then remove it.Installation of the new unit is reverse of the procedures.

How do i Change a 93 mx6 alternator?

After you remove the alternator from the engine, you can take it out from lower side of the engine. There are two ways you can get take it out. One way is to remove the CV joint and take the alternator out. The other way is to remove the exhaust pipe under the engine and remove the alternator. I used the second way because I could not remove the CV joint in my case. The bolt stuck and I could not get it off.

How do you change an alternator in a jeep?

loosen the drivebelt by loosing the pivot bolt at the top of the power steering pump then loosen the other two bolts on the back of the pump. Underneath the power steering pump is a locknut and adjusting screw; loosen the locknut underneath the power steering pump pulley and turn the adjusting. From underneath, remove the splash shield and remove the 2 alternator mounting bolts, battery cable lead and electrical connector. Make sure first of all before you do anything, DISCONNECT THE NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE or else you'll cause an electrical arc when you try disconnecting the Battery positive lead on the back of the alternator. Very easy to do is you take your time.

How do you change the alternator on an 88 300zx?

Somebody else may have a better way but I found it was easier for me by taking the two screws from the coolant reservoir and lifting it up out the way (without disconnecting), removing the bolts from the power steering pump (without disconnecting) and lifting it out of the way. Then remove the fan shroud. This will allow you ample room to get to and remove the alternator (which is located underneath the power steering pump). "GOOD LUCK"

How do you change an alternator in 1991 caprice?

1. Disconnect battery 2. To create more room remove top of fan shroud by unscrewing the 8 10mm bolts along the top an sides 3. Disconnect plug at top of the altenator 4. Using a T40 torx head driver unscrew the bolt at the top left of the alternator bracket 5. Using a T50 torx head driver unscrew the bolt at the bottom right of the alternator bracket 6. To create more room at the back of the alternator remove air cleaner assembly 7. Using a 10mm socket unscrew the bolt at the rear of the alternator. The alternator should not come free from the bracket. 8. Using a 10mm socket unfasten the nut that is holding down the power wire on the back of the alternator 9. Put new alternator back in by reversing these steps.

How do you change an alternator on a 92 Maxima?

The alternator on a 92 Nissan Maxima is changed by disconnectingthe wiring harness, loosening the retaining bolts, and removing thedrive belt. The bolts can then be fully removed and the alternatorswapped out.

How do you change the alternator on 95 jimmy?

if your not sure how to change the alternator take it to a mechanic, otherwise you just un bolt it , disconnect the harness then replace with a new one, you will have to take the belt off first by removing the tension on the tensioner

How do you change the alternator in a gmc sonoma?

first of all you'll need 2 people a crow bar,rachet set and a wrench. well you'll need to take a crow bar and put it in between the tensor pulley to get the pressure off the belt and take that off, then just take the 3 or so bolts and wires off the back and replace with a new one. just make sure to get your wires back where and how they were. then to get the belt back on your going to have to have your other person put the belt on while you are getting the tensor and its ussually a tuff one.

How do you change an the alternator on a C240?

1. Disconnect battery cables. 2. Remove and replace alternator. 3. Reconnect battery cables. The alternator should be held in place by a couple of bolts. what about the belt tension

How do you change the alternator in 2000 Villager?

Disconnect the negative battery cable. Jack the car up and place it securely on stands. Remove the splash shield from under the alternator. Unplug the electrical connectors from the rear of the alternator and remove the wire harness retaining bracket. Remove the drive belt by loosening the adjuster. Remove the remaining bolts and separate the alternator from the engine.

How do you change an alternator in A Pontiac Aztec?

\nyou have to remove the washer fluid tank, battery ,and full windshield wiper assembly. there are three bolts that must be removed on the alternator, plus two wires.\nThe alternator sits way in the back under the wiper assembly(passenger side). Almost impossible to get to, right against the firewall, must use a small ratchet wrench, NOT SOCKET-TOO BIG. Hope i could help

How do you change the alternator in a 2000 mustang?

There are about three or four screws around your alternator that u will have to remove, once you do it, you will have to pull on the lower left pulley to remove it, when putting the new alternator in you pull on the same pulley and put the screws back in place

How do you change alternator axiom 2002?

Disconnect battery ground cable. . Move drive belt tensioner to loose side using wrench then remove drive belt (1). . Disconnect the wire from terminal "B" and disconnect the connector (4). . Remove generator fixing bolt (3). . Remove generator assembly (2). . Installation . Install generator assembly to the position. . Install generator assembly and tighten the fixing bolts to the specified torque. Torque: M 10 bolt: 41 N.m (30 lb ft) M 8 bolt: 21 N.m (15 lb ft) . Connect wiring harness connector and direct terminal "B". . Move drive belt tensioner to loose side using wrench, then install drive belt to normal position. . Reconnect battery ground cable.

How do you change the alternator on a 98 cavalier?

Disconnect the negative battery cable.If the vehicle is equipped with a delco loc 2 or theftlock audio system make sure to have the activation code before disconnecting the battery. . Remove the drivebelt . Label and detach the wires from the backside of the alternator . Remove the mounting bolts and separate the alternator from the engine

How do you change an alternator on 2001 galant?

The computer in the car will not hold memory, the windshield washer only work on one speed, bright light will not work, I have to put the radio code in every-time I start the car. 2001 Mitsubishi Galant.

Change alternator in Mazda 6?

Disconnect the battery Remove the engine covers to access the alternator drive belts. Remove the electrical connections from the alternator. Slacken the bolts, remove the belt. Remove bolts, put new alternator on, tighten bolts until you can just move alternator, fit new belt, move alternator so the belt is tight and then tighten bolts to their specified torque.

How do you change the alternator on a 2005 Mustang?

4.0L Engines V6 . Disconnect negative battery cable . Remove alternator drivebelt . Disconnect the electrical connector from the alternator . Remove the rubber weather boot from the alternator B+ terminal nut,remove the nut and disconnect the battery cable from the B+ terminal . Remove the nut from the alternator mounting stud,remove the two alternator mounting bolts and remove the alternator . 4.6L Engines V8 . Disconnect negative battery cable.Remove the air intake duct . Remove the four alternator monting bracket bolts . Remove the drivebelt . Remove the two lower alternator mounting nuts from the mounting studs . Tilt the alternator forward to access the electrical connectors on the backside of the alternator B+ terminal nut and disconnect the battery cable from the B+ terminal,then disconnect the electrical connector from the alternator

How do you change the alternator in a 89 s10?

1. Remove the bolt retaining the negative battery cable to the alternator adjusting bracket, if so equipped. If not, disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal.. 2. Disconnect the cable from the positive battery terminal.. 3. Disconnect the 2 electrical connectors from the rear of the alternator.. 4. Remove the bolt retaining the alternator to the adjusting bracket.. 5. Remove the alernator pivot bolt and remove the alternator from the vehicle.. 6. Installation is reverse of removal, noting the following:. 7. Reconnect the positive battery cable before reattaching the negative cable at the alternator bracket.. 8. Adjust the alternator drive belt.

How do you change alternator on 1998 eclipse?

For a non turbo Chrysler engine have to pull it from the bottom once wiring and top bolt is loose. pulling the axle can help sometimes getting better access. For the Mitsubishi engine there is one top bolt in adjuster groove that has to come out. then a bottom nut behind the oil filter then wiggle it out from the bottom of the car.

How do you change alternator on a 1997 Eldorado?

I recently changed the alternator on my 95 eldorado. Heres what i found . . . Since the Northstar motor is transverse you need to remove alot of parts to get access to it. When changing mine i had to CAREFULLY remove the plastic vlaences over the headlights, radiator fans, air cleaner and housing, transmission cooler, and radiator to get to it. Im sure im missing something, but you will know once you ge working on it. Once you have access to the alternator, remove the serpentine belt, and then you will be able to remove the bolts for the alternator. Label each one, because they are all different, and have specific spots. Theres 5 if i remember correctly. After the old alternator is removed you obviously get a new one. IMPORTANT: There is a difference between the Eldorado and Eldorado ECT alternators. Be sure you get the right one. After that's all sorted out, its a matter of putting the new alternator in, putting on, and tensioning the belt, and then putting all of the other parts back in. Dont be scared of thisoperation. All of these parts are easy to remov and install. This is a time consuming process, and it isn't a bad idea to have 2 people working on it. But think of all the money youll save in labor costs at a shop! Good luck, -Ryker. 1995 Eldorado.

How do you change an alternator on a Mercedes sprinter?

first you must disconnect the battery then slacken the fan belt ,there is a13mm nut and bolt at the top of the tensioner that must be undone then place a large screwdriver in the hole and press until you can remove the long bolt and release the pressure slowly.note which way the belt goes just in case it comes off,or you need to take it of a pulley to get extra slack. then you need to get under the van (ramps might help) take off the under engine cover if fitted 2 * 10mm nuts and there will be the alternator to remove the nuts you will need the star shaped sockets and a ratchet with a small extension not sure of the size of the bolts,remove bolts 2 or 4 depending on model of van and wiring to rear of alternator try to get enough slack on the belt and the give it a pull and a wiggle and with a bit of luck it should come free, a bar may be needed if stubborn. then replace alternator and put back in reverse order bit fiddley to get the higher bolt in had to do this from top then tighten from bottom(small hands also help) took about 1 and a half hours when I did my 1999 sprinter anyway good luck!!!!!!!!!

How do you change alternator on a 305 engine?

The alternator in a Chevy Impala operates various electrical devices in the vehicle while the engine is running. A voltage regulator keeps the voltage level constant and is usually part of the alternator assembly. You may need to replace the alternator if your headlights become dimmer while driving, or your battery repeatedly runs down. Check the link for procedure,

How do you change alternator on 1999 escort?

1. Disconnect the cable from the negative post of the battery. 2. Remove the drivebelt. 3. Remove the coolant reservoir. 4. Disconnect both of the small electrical connectors to the alternator. 5. Remove the alternator mounting bolts (two underneath and one above) lift the alternator out. Pull back the rubber cover from the B+ terminal nut and disconnect the B+ terminal cable. 6. Installation is the reverse of the removal steps.

How do you change alternator on Mazda premacy?

1st of this is a time consuming job taking a few hours because of the stupid design, the alternator is mounted at the rear of the engine and the space is very limited. You will need to get under the front of the car and the (uk) O/S wheel off. disconnect the battery, slacken the drive belt tension and remove the locking bolt. underneath remove the pivot bolt and the alt is now free. turn it to slacken and remove the power cable. now get it out the way while you remove the alt fixing bracket from the engine block. next step is from the top you can slacken the engine mount bolts (on this same side your working) till they are top of threads this drops the engine around a inch on one side, next remove brake hose clip and hose from holder, then remove the 2 bolts that fix the hub, now you can move this down and the alt can come out the gap you have made. trust me it does come with a little wiggling and cursing. As i said stupid desgin putting it at the rear, it was obviously fittted to the engine then engine fitted to car in factory.

What changes the voltage of an alternative current?

first of all the voltage doesn't change what changes is the current direction the way they do it is by using magnet . electrons tend to escape from the magnetic field . you can find on you tube how a motor works for better idea.

How do you change alternator VW t5?

If you have a cover over the pulleys remove it Diconnect the connectors on the battery Unscrew the nut on the alternator pulley The pulley will divide in two so will be able to remove the strap and then remove the other half of the pulley. The alternator is strap on a stand, that stand is held by 4 nuts that will have to be unscrewed. then unscrew the plate on the air cooling system which is at the other end of the alternator because the alternator is also operating the cooling fan the alternator has a shaft that exit at both ends Disconnect the ground wire and the red wire from the alternator If you have twin carburetors you will have to dismantle the connecting rod and the arms to the carburetors You will probably have to unscrew on the right hand side a screw that holds the coolings system because you now need to remove the alternator with it's support which gets a little tricky but be firm now you will have to dismantle the fan, the plates, the strap around the support and do not forget the keys on the shaft , you will need them on the replacement alternator now reassemble the plates the fan and the support and so on until the end

What changes the voltage of an alternating current?

When a conductor passes through, or 'cuts', a magnetic field, a voltage is induced into that wire. The magnitude of that voltage is proportional to the sine of the angle at which that conductor cuts the magnetic flux. Maximum voltage occurs when the conductor cuts the flux at right angles (sine 90 degrees = 1) and no voltage is induced when the conductor runs parallel with the flux (sine 0 degrees - 0). The direction in which the induced voltage acts depends on the direction in which the conductor cuts the flux; reverse the direction, and the direction of the induced voltage will also reverse. So, if a conductor is made to rotate within a magnetic field, the voltage generated will vary from 0 V to a maximum voltage in one direction, back to zero, and back to a maximum voltage again, but in the opposite direction. If you were to view the shape of this generated voltage waveform on an oscilloscope, you will see that it forms a sinusoidal waveform. The only difference between this simple explanation, and what goes on in a 'real' generator, is that a coil is used instead of a single conductor, in order to produce a larger sinusoidal voltage.

Does the alternator change battery current?

No. An alternator uses a small percentage of the engine horsepower to create electrical energy. As the name suggests, an alternator generates "alternating current", meaning that the polarity of the voltage reverses itself rapidly as the engine is running. Inside an automobile alternator are DIODES, which convert that alternating current back to direct current. The battery in your vehicle does not "create" electrical energy, it simply stores energy. The batteries are rated based on the amount of energy that they can store. The total energy that a battery stores is rated in "Amp Hours", indicating the number of amps that a battery can release in one hour, although the number is misleading, since most batteries cannot maintain full capacity for a full hour. While you start your engine, the battery provides all of the electrical needs of the vehicle. The battery must be capable of storing AND RELEASING enough electrical energy to operate the starter, fuel pump, ignition and the computer, along with anything else that happens to be turned on. Most auto manufacturers calculate a significant excess capacity when selecting a battery for a vehicle. After the engine starts, the alternator SHOULD provide for all of the electrical needs; not only generating enough energy to operate the computer, ignition, fuel pump and vehicle accessories, but it must also replenish the electrical energy that was pulled from the battery when you started the engine. Over time, batteries fail and are incapable of storing electrical energy as well as they once did. When the battery is no longer capable of storing enough electrical energy to start the engine, the battery must be replaced. Alternators too get old and reach a point when they are incapable of providing enough electrical energy to provide for the needs of your vehicle. Often a battery can be just fine, capable of storing electrical energy, but if the alternator is incapable of returning electrical energy to the battery, the battery will ultimately discharge, resulting in what is referred to as a "dead battery". But the problem can really be the alternator. That's why it's important to know what's going on under the hood, and to make certain that you have properly tested the electrical components before you just replace parts.

How do you change the alternator on a Nissan quest?

First you need to remove the radiator to get to it. Once you remove the radiator you have room to work. Second take the top bolt off the alternator and then the long bolt, do not forget to take the belt off the alternator before remove the it. I just changed on about two days ago on a 2004 Nissan quest for a friend.

Why does the polarity of alternating current changes?

The main reason for that phenomenon is the fact that "alternatingcurrent" is the name that has been given to current (and voltage) whosepolarity changes, and that decision has had certain far-reaching consequences. Itmust follow that if its polarity does not change, then a current cannot beaccurately referred to as "alternating". The bottom-line result of this reasoning is thefact that IF it is 'alternating current' THEN its polarity is changing, and the viceversa is also true. Another Answer Whenever there is relative motion between a conductor and amagnetic field, and voltage is induced into that conductor, thedirection of which is determined by the direction in which theconductor passes through the magnetic field. When a coil is rotatedwithin a magnetic field, the direction of each side relative to thefield reverses every half-cycle and so does the direction of theinduced voltage.