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How do you check 24 sep 1972 in nanakshahi calendar?

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5 jeth in 1972
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Calendar for April 1972?

See the link below for a calendar of 1972. If you want it for a country other than the U.S., you can change the country selection.

Waluigi is real sep 24 2009?

behind the mirror in sm64ds in dat room wit da star there is an invisable hole jump in it and get waluigi beat the rabbit king

What day of the week is 24 June 1972?

24 June 1972 was a Saturday.

Were 2 calendars in use in Russia in 1812 Tolstoy dates the battle of Borodino as Aug 26 others say Sep 6?

Yes: the Russians were using the Julian calendar, while the French had already switched to the Gregorian calendar (which everyone uses now). The Russians did not start using t

What day of week 24 Sep 1976?

September 24th, 1976 was a Friday.

What day of the calendar May 24 2011?

It was a Tuesday.