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How do you clean dried gasoline deposits from an aluminum fuel tank?

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Mineral spirits should do the trick.
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How do you clean fuel injectors on a 97 sunfire without using additives in the fuel tank?

    Possible cure for fuel injector problems         My service engine light came on and off several times, so I took my 1998 olds regency to the shop (MORE)
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Stay Safe While Draining a Fuel Tank

Working with gasoline is dangerous, and if the proper precautions aren't adhered to it can result in a fire which will damage property and threaten lives. As such, it is of ut (MORE)
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Problems Caused by Engine Carbon Deposits

The war on carbon build up continues to rage in the automotive world. Gasoline companies and auto repair shops would like to clean the carbon from your engine. See if you shou (MORE)

Ethanol Fuel: What You Should Know

The information out there regarding ethanol fuel is substantial, and to some extent, conflicting. On one hand, there has been much talk about how ethanol fuel seems to wreak h (MORE)
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The Truth Behind High Octane Fuel and Energy

High octane or premium fuel has always been associated with performance mainly because of advertising. While it does cost more than regular octane fuel, some people are willin (MORE)

The Most Efficient Types of Alternative Fuels

While there are many types of alternative fuels available for the operation of automobiles, some offer a more viable choice than others do. Many of the alternative fuels avail (MORE)

Fuel Types and Your Car

Consumers have several choices when it comes to fueling their vehicles. Gasoline, diesel, ethanol, propane and compressed natural gas are among the fuel choices available toda (MORE)

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How do you clean dried eggs from windows?

  Without asking how the dried egg got on the windows, I would like to suggest simply using hot, soapy water and a scrub pad. If the egg is on the outside of the window, a (MORE)

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How do you clean the fuel tank of BMW E46?

 Answer   Remove it and take the tank unit out and if it isn't too bad you can get rags in and work them with screwdrivers and get it clean. If it is too bad for that, (MORE)

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How do you drain gasoline from fuel tank on cougar mercury 2000?

Because you can't get a siphon down into the tank, and there isn't any sort of drain plug, the best observed method is to disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter, and th (MORE)