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How do you contact Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company about potential retirement benefits?

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How do you contact Fidelity Union Life Insurance Company about potential retirement benefits?
I was able to track down an old Fidelity Union Insurance policy by contacting Allianz North American Life and Casualty Company at 1(800) 950-5872. Allianz is now the parent Company of the old Fidelity Union Insurance Company. They did direct me to a subsidiary office in Dallas at 1(800) 743-5066 for additional information.
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What company bought United Fidelity Life Insurance company of Dallas TX?

My records show that this company is still in business however, their offices have changed with another NAIC number.     United Fidelity Life Insurance Company   

How do I get in contact with Victory Life Insurance Company?

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Is Fidelity Insurance a reliable company?

Fidelity Insurance is a very reliable company. They have been doing business since 1895, giving them 116 years of great quality service. They have been protecting their client

How do I go about contacting Union Fidelity Life Insurance company that holds my policy and is there a way to do so online?

Union Fidelity is still very much a company. You can contact 1-800-621-0393 and reach a Customer Service Agent like myself. :) business hours are 8:30 am to 6pm eastern time.

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