How do you contact on jungle run?

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go on the jungle run website and look at the applying number
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I did a hit and run do i contact the police?

Yes you have to report yourself to the police as a good citizen.That way you clear your conscience and live at peace with yourself.It's really an unfortunate situation but you

How do you get onto jungle run?

You can't. ITV are no longer making the series. May 2010 - " Thank you for your email regarding Jungle Run. I am sorry to disappoint you, following the closure

How do you be on jungle run on citv?

You can't. ITV are no longer making the series. May 2010 - following the closure of ITV's in-house children's production department, I regret to advise they will not be

How much does it cost to go to jungle run?

Me my sister and my brother want to go on jungle run we have been trying to find out how much it costs and how we can get there ,were big fans these are, are ages and names .
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How do you apply to jungle run citv?

It is not possible to apply to be on the Jungle Run program as it is not in production at the moment. You may want to apply for another program like the Amazing Race as it is