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How do you control a helicopter in GTA Vice City PC version?

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To fly a control a helicopter in gta vice city you need to use arrow keys.
Up key:Up and forward
Down key:Down
Left key:Left
Right key:Right
Up+Left:Forward and left
Up+Right:Forward and right
Down+Left:Down and left
Down+Right:Down and right
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How do you get a helicopter on gta vice city?

You can go for searching the helicopters on the roof tops.You can find one on the top of Hyman Condo in downtown and other on top of Diaz mansion.You can Google for the other

How can you get a helicopter in GTA Vice City?

  To get a helicopter you must have 14000$ and go to downtown in second island.Find a house which you can buy for 14000$(it is easy to find because it is in the alley behi

How do you get a helicopter in GTA Vice City?

Theres no helicopters on the first island. You can either do the missions and the gates will open or use the flying cars cheat to fly over the gates of Starfish Island. You go

How do you get a helicopter in gta vice city PC?

You can get helicopter parked on the helipads at several locations.Those locations could be known at the website ign.com.Find the helicopters at Safe houses Hyman Condo and er

What kind of helicopters are there in gta vice city for PC and where do you find them?

There are three types of helicopter.The first is the Maverick.The second is the Sparrow.The Third is the Hunter.You can have there helicopters in the game but you need to find

Helicopter on gta vice city for PC?

theres a heli at the rooftop of the policestation in downtown.  just folow the big road in vice city (it is on the second isle).  if u cant reach the second isle here a ch

Where and how do you get a helicopter in gta vice city?

Go to check point C. type in seaways. then go in the water. seaways allows you to go in water. Then on the left of a blue carfo ship theres a ramp ( Not a small wooden one) yo

What is the cheat code for a hunter helicopter in gta vice city on PC?

Cheat codes are secret tricks to bypass games levels. cheat codes might include entering a code at a password prompt or a pressing a combination of game controller buttons.

Gta vice city pc helicopter cheat?

You have to take advantage of glitches in order to access the  helicopter, because it was never intended for use in Vice City. Go  to the police station downtown and head to

How a helicopter can be control in gta vice city by a laptop?

Controlling a helicopter requires various keys in Vice City.Here is a trick to easily control it on laptop. You can set UP and DOWN key asacceleration and deceleration/reverse

How do you control a aeroplane in GTA vice city PC version?

You cannot get on a aeroplane in vice city but if you are asking about Skimmer, follow this instructions: When you start it, speed it up and when it take off, press the numpa