How do you control a helicopter in GTA Vice City PC version?

To fly a control a helicopter in gta vice city you need to use arrow keys.
Up key:Up and forward
Down key:Down
Left key:Left
Right key:Right
Up+Left:Forward and left
Up+Right:Forward and right
Down+Left:Down and left
Down+Right:Down and right
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Where to find helicopter in gta vice city game?

far end of the second city, near a small safehouse. walk past the safeouse shack, you come to an edge where u jump down and walk across the street where u will find a staircas (MORE)

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How do you swim in gta vice city PC?

Grand theft Auto Vice City you cannot swim. Whereas Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, you can.
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How do you get the Army helicopter in GTA Vice City?

To get it, you must collect all 100 hidden packages. As far as I know, and as far as everybody knows, there is no cheat code for it. I have looked at nearly every major game h (MORE)

Is gta vice city have a Russian version?

no,man its an English version of Tommy Vercetti, but in this game there are people who speak latin ,french and English
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How do you get a helicopter in GTA Vice City?

Theres no helicopters on the first island. You can either do the missions and the gates will open or use the flying cars cheat to fly over the gates of Starfish Island. You go (MORE)

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