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You can design animated logo in Photoshop using Animations panel (Window > Animations). Animated design can be saved as .gif format. Search Help or other resources for more detailed information's.
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Who designed the Walt Disney logo When was it designed?

Co-founded by Walter Elias Disney, the Walt Disney   The Walt Disney logo, like the company, has served as a beacon for decent family entertainment and worldwide recognitio

Who designed the Boston Celtics logo?

The Boston Celtics logo was designed by Red Auerbach's brother, Zang, in the early 1950's. Zang was a creative and artistic man who assembled the familiar leprechaun with the

How do you design a logo?

1. Do a lot of research. Make sure that you know your competitionand make sure you have an original idea. 2. If you are not creatively inclined, consult with a professionalgr

Who design Xbox logo?

A team of designers that work within Microsoft is who designed the  Xbox logo. The logo has slightly changed over the last several  years.

Who designs a logo?

The design of a logo is usually carried out by a Graphic Designer using a vector editing program like Adobe Illustrator.

What is a logo designer?

A logo designer is a professional/expert  graphic designer, whether it be an individual or company who offers  creative logo designs for your company or website. If you star

Who designed the Fiat logo?

The current FIAT logo was designed by Robilant Associati and the Fiat Style Centre, in 2006
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Who designed the Ford logo?

Mr. Ford The Ford logo was designed in 1903 by a Ford factory engineer with a graphic arts background. The designers name was Childe Harold Wills.
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Who can animate a logo?

To animate a logo, we recommend that you use the 'I Can Animate'  tool, which supported by both Mac and Windows platforms.