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You can design animated logo in Photoshop using Animations panel (Window > Animations). Animated design can be saved as .gif format. Search Help or other resources for more detailed information's.
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What is a logo designer?

A logo designer is a professional/expert  graphic designer, whether it be an individual or company who offers  creative logo designs for your company or website. If you star

Who designed the Disney logo?

  Walt Disney probaly

How do you design a logo?

1. Do a lot of research. Make sure that you know your competitionand make sure you have an original idea. 2. If you are not creatively inclined, consult with a professionalgr

What is the animal in RBI logo?


What logo has a blue u with designs?


Who designed the first Audi logo?

The first Audi logo was designed by the companies that originally merged together to form Audi. These companies were the commpanies DKW, Horch, Wanderer, and Audi. When these

Who designed Vodafone logo?

Gary Broadbent designed the Vodafone 'speech mark' brand identity whilst Creative Director of Springpoint Ltd in the United Kingdom.
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Who first designed the UCLA logo?

The UCLA logo consists of the four letters "UCLA." The logo was rendered in letterforms inspired by the Bauhaus design movement. The Bauhaus Manifesto was issued in 1919, wh