How do you download pictures from a sd card to computer?

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You need to have a SD card reader, either internal or an external one that plugs in to a USB port. Or just use your camera as the card reader if it plugs into your computer USB port. Insert the SD card, find the drive number for the SD card reader (or camera) using windows explorer or whatever method you use to work with files. Then just drag and drop to whatever hard drive folder you want the pictures in.
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How can you see pictures from your phone on your computer with an SD card?

To view pics. in an SD card on a PC . In order to view pictures from a cell phone, on a computer, by means of an SD card, you will need the pictures to be in a format suppo

Do you need a sd card to download songs and pictures on a dsi?

Yes you need a sd card to download songs but i dont think you can download pictures == yes, you need a SD Card but you still need another device to read the songs and

Pictures from sd card onto your computer?

There is usually an SD card slot on the front of the computer, or on the side if it's a laptop. Just plug it in and you should be able to use it like a USB device. An Autoplay

How do you download pic on sd card to computer?

Transferring files from a SD card to a computer is relativelysimple. Modern computers now have preinstalled programs which readthe memory cards and a port to insert the memory

Can you download pictures from a DSi with an SD card?

yes! plug in your sd card go 2 camra tap options tap copy choose copy diarection choose what you want 2 copy choose items 2 copy plug in 2 computer and move files 2 document

How do you download computer photos to a SD card?

Hook up the SD card to the computer then click "Save As" and save the photo (or the folder containing desired photos) under the SD card location (it might say importable disk

Download pictures from computer to SD Memory Card?

the question is vague but I'll answer to the best of my abilities...If your computer has an SD card reader, simply put the card into the reader and proceed to step 2 below. If

How do you download pictures from your SD memory to your computer?

Sometimes there is a little slot in your desktop, usually not a laptop, that you can stick your SD card into, it takes a few minutes to get all of the pics onto your computer

How do you put pictures on a computer from my sd card?

You will need a sd card adaptor if your computer has a sd card slot just insert it that's all i know. Most cameras have a camera to computer connection and allow you to down