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How do you fill out your income tax form so that you get the most money taken out of your check and have the least money owed when you file your taxes?

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If you work for an employer and receive a W2 at the end of the year, you need to adjust your W4 (that is the form you should have filed out before you were employed). You need to put that you are SINGLE where the choices are married or single. The number of allowences you should report is 0. This will put you at the maximum withholding rate. You may also elect to have an extra amount of money withheld from your pay each pay period. This would be a set dollar amount (that you decide) also reported to your employer on a W4.
There is a W4 pdf on the IRS website that will allow you to make the correct entries, and print the completed form. You will then need to turn that form into your empoyer so your payroll files can be adjusted accordingly.
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