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How do you find info on a 1961 Donald art company print3425 printed in hollandsigned Hans van lamsweerde?

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There is a book called the Donald Art Company published by the owner Donald Bonnist, see below, this may be of help to you. This company no longer is in business and I am told he would be about 90 years old if he were still alive today. They were an outstanding publishing company, including a co-publish of Norman Rockwell. I own at least 200 thousand of their prints and lithos by various artist from the 60's, 70's 80's and 90's, which I currently have for sale. One of their published artists went to art school with Gramma Moses, another exhibited at the Whitney, the list goes on and on, they made excellent choices of artists as time has shown, all have painted brilliant images, and as a publisher myself, the paper quality and colors from being published that many years ago are outstanding, to say the least. In my opinion, this company, The Donald Art Company, who published in the USA and Internationally, never got the recognition they should have, when they were around. I hope this information is somewhat helpful. All of the Donald Art Company's art work is first class and in my opinion "a collectors paradise". I hope this turns out to be helpful to you and your answer turns up in the below mentioned book. The answer is from Bonnie Lee Lamont CEO and Owner of Deja Vu Art and Framing Inc., Publisher and Distributor of Fine Art, Limited Editions and International Trademark owner of "Brushstrokes of the Artist". www.brushstrokescorp.com and www.dejavuartandframing.com, Florida USA sold at Alibris.com 04-15-2008 Title: Donald Art Company, Inc
Item I.D.: 2677
Author: Bonnist, Donald M., Ed
Alibris I.D.: 8934837382
Publisher: New York: Donald Art Company, 1973.
Yr. Published:
Description: Hard cover without dust jacket, 11 1/4x8 3/4, 352 pp., thousands
of color illustrations, spine cloth loose, good. Fine art reproductions of
masters, old, modern and contemporary, American and foreign--many under
exclusive contract with our compan y--printed in offset lithography.
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