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How do you find the secret service virus in the computer and how to delete it?

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scan your computer with anti virus, i recommend kaspersky or norton. But personally i find kaspersky is better in terms of fighting and finding virus.
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If your computer will not start because of a virus how do you delete the virus?

Install the operating system disk.It cleans the files you saved since last install but during the install prompt will ask you good questions to keep things in order.What do

How do you delete about blank computer virus?

Click on the link to your below for instructions. It is a called a browser hijacker Download and run firefox to protect your computer from future spyware attacks and pop u

Delete the virus fully from computer?

Go o start click run type: msconfig the go to startup tab then click: disable all doing that will not let the virus to start again when you restart and start up your computer

How to delete a Win 453 virus from a computer?

  Windows XP and WIN 453 - Tech Support Forum   My computer says two different things. When it starts up it will say ... my computer down it says trying to close WIN

Where can you find deleted items on a computer?

  go on recycle bin and find it   usually in the recycle bin (on the desktop), but failing that you may need to get a data recovery program to find the file again (e.g.

How do you delete the virus in the computer?

Every time you do surfing numerous viruses automatically enter your computer. Therefore, you can remove virus by installing a good anti virus on PC and perform scanning regula

How do you delete virus from a computer?

Antivirus are there for the sole purpose of deleting computer viruses. However in some circumstances, even these viruses go way under and can't be detected. This means that wh

How do you delete a virus from your computer?

Firstly, try and delete it with your anti-virus software. If that doesnt work, I would suggest downloading malwarebyte and scanning it in safe mode. If you are not sure if the

Where can you find deleted files in your computer?

The recycling icon, if they are not there, they have been purged so unless they have been stored on the internet as well they are gone forever. Not necessarily. If you did de

How do you find out what virus protection your computer has?

Your virus protection is listed in the installed programs list, and should also have an icon on the desktop for Windows, or an entry on the list generated by clicking the Star