How do you get AnswerTips on your website?

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Have a look at this:

It gives you a button to place anywhere in your website
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Can you uninstall AnswerTips on

To turn off AnswerTips on, click the Preferences link near the top of the page, and remove the check mark beside "Enable AnswerTips".. If you would like to turn o

How do you disable WikiAnswers AnswerTips?

You can't. This is because WikiAnswers hates you. They don't care that you want to copy and paste text. They don't care that you don't want the bubbles. They show them to you

What is this website?

This website helps you with answers you want or need to know thiswebsite will answer your question (Some of them may be off alittle) But please do not cheat for tests or homew

Why is this website for?

For the sole purpose of asking questions and having them answered.

How do you turn AnswerTips off?

To disable AnswerTips, go to your Preferences and untick the box before "Enable AnswerTips". (click on the related link for a direct link to the Preferences)

How do you get an answer from this website?

There are two really important things you can do to improve theodds of getting an answer on this website: . Make sure the question is clear andunderstandable. Read it throu

What can you do on a website?

On websites, you can create blogs, leave comments, visit other links, look at calenders and other awesome things.