How do you get free credits on mall world?

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only three ways
1- spin the wheal
2-fashion show
3-from ivy store

Nope, not any more. Ac-ally now what i do, is 1. make a new Facebook account. 2. add yourself. 3. have your ghost Account sigh up for mall world and then go the greeting card make or whatever it is called ( must be friends with yourself though 1st) once you get there make a card and then type in how many mall credits you have ( most times it starts with 10 though) after typeing it in send the card to your normal account, and well done you have just sent youself as many a bunch or mall cridits. Oh, and as just a tipmplay the wheel of fasion b4 u send yourself that card. :)
Hope this helps :) )
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Which mall is the worlds largest mall?

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How do you earn mall credits on Mall World?

There are many ways to earn mall credits.On the left side of the computer screen there's always some type of video or survey to click on to get mall credits. Winning the fashi

How do you get mall credits on mall world?

Cheat to get more mall credits in facebook game mall world, clickthe Mini Games sign in your left side, click create card, pickany card down you will see an blank put mall cre

How do you get free mall world credits?

You can do it many ways. By doing the wheel of fashion, completing offers, or if you're lucky, sometimes on the left on the game screen, it says watch video, earn 1 credit. on

How do you get mall world credit?

you can get it by wheel of fashion because you get a free spin everyday and there's all different kinds of prizes sometimes you get money and you sometimes get credit, and mor

How do you earn credits on mall world?

In 2011 something will pop up and it is a contest.About winning 100 mall credits.Just give your phone number and WALLA.They will call you if you are the winner!

How do you get mall cash in mall world?

You earn mall cashh by selling clothes and accessories. You do thisby buying inventory and selling clothes. You can also earn money byplaying the dressing room game. And you c