How do you get from Alexandria Egypt to Giza Egypt?

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you can go by train or by a limousine or by bus or by airplane all this ways are available .
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Why was Giza important to ancient Egypt?

Because it was on the Giza Plateau that Pharaoh Khufu decided to establish royal necropolis [cemetery or burial site] known as the Giza Necropolis which includes the Great Pyr

What is the postal code for Giza in Egypt?

You will need to specify an address within the "el-Gizah" city, Giza Governate, which is part of the Cairo metropolitan area.. Use the related link to specify the address..

What can i do in Alexandria Egypt?

Depends on when are you visiting Alex, if in winter then u can enjoy the warm weather and go to parks like Al Montazah visit the library of Alexandria (Bibliotheca Alexandrina
In Ancient Egypt

Why is Giza important in ancient Egypt?

To rise Khufu, and all the other people the the heavens, the pyramid where put directly with supernatural intelligence to stack all the pyramids together and put them that you