How do you get high of a sharpie?

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inhale it-- not literally but inhale the smell for a long enough period and you will get high.
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How do you make a Sharpie?

Answer . go to the store and buy one stop being cheep. Answer . Get some ink and some plastic and you have a ghetto sharpie

Can you get ink poisoning from a sharpie?

No you can not but it has chemicals in it which arrent healthy. But, you would have to swallow tons to get a poisoning from it. So the answer is a no its just not healthy. Hope this helped :)

Are sharpies toxic?

They are considered non- toxic for "normal uses" Sharpie is not meant for skin but is not dangerous.It would take over an ounce (about 29 milliliters) of ink from a Sharpie to cause a reaction, and if a Sharpie is used on the skin it generally won't cause an immediate or obvious health effec (MORE)

Is a sharpie mini better than a regular sharpie?

Yes, because sharpie minies can go onto a keychain which you generally have with you regularly so you can just pull that out any time, and they're just more fun to goof around with!. no cuz ink runs out easily

How do sharpies work?

THEY HAVE INK!!!!!!!!!!! Just like any other marker but it has other ingredients. No one that i know of knows what is in the sharpies.

Are sharpies nontoxic?

If an item is non-toxic, it means that it is not poisonous orharmful to people. Sharpies have been certified as non-toxic,although it would not be wise to ingest them.

How does a sharpie evaporate?

What happens when the cap is left off a "magic marker" is that the solvent or "carrier fluid" for the pigment (both of which comprise the ink) vaporizes and "goes away" leaving the marker dry and unusable. It should be noted that the ink in the marker is composed of two main parts: pigment and a car (MORE)

How do you get out Sharpie marker?

pure alchohol or hand sanitizer work. OR! toothpaste. this really does work. No joke... and if it is on a hard surface (not clothes) you can use an expo marker I can add, that if you use common hair spray (aerosol) spray the spot, blot, spray and then blot, you will see the stain coming up. (MORE)

How do you remove Sharpie?

I'm pretty sure the hand sanitizer called Germ-x removes sharpie. I know its hand sanitizer but I'm not 100% sure :\

Can sharpies kill you?

It depends on how you are using them. If you are drawing on yourself, you would need about 8 sharpie worth of ink to get skin poisoning. If you are sniffing them, too much would result in insufficient oxygen to the brain, which could kill you. If you are eating them... You would die. Cyberchief (MORE)

How do you get sharpie out of your hair?

you have 2 wash your hair with shampoo and condition..... it also depends if you put alot of sharpie in you hair or a little bit ....if you have thick hair it will take a little bit more time then if you have thin hair

How do you get high off sharpies?

You inhale it very deeply by pressing the tip of the sharpie up against your finger and inserting the sharpie tip into your nose (Just make sure not to put your finger in there!) Then inhale deeply. This will get you semi high . You wont be high to where you will be taking a poo poo in someones yard (MORE)

How long does it take to get high off sharpie?

'till you die If you have never been high off sharpie before it takes you pretty much all day but after that 2 sniffs you will get high whatever you do dont smell them more than once or you will get high and it messes you up really badly.i smelt it twice at school and got high from it,not the b (MORE)

How do you get sharpie out of clothes?

all i can give u is to stain treat it, scrub the crap out of it with hand soap or just tide stick it... wash it a few times or email the sharpie company

Can smelling sharpies make you high?

If you inhale sharpies you can get high. It is not a good ideabecause anytime you inhale something like that it could lead toserious side effects or even death.

How do you get sharpie out of pants?

Place a towel you don't mind messing up (the pigment will transfer) underneath the stain, grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol (the higher the concentration, the better) or acetone based nail polish remover, soak a cotton ball with the above and dab the stain. Repeat. If it's still not out (it is PERMAN (MORE)

Who made the Sharpie?

Frederick W. Redington & William H. Sanford, Jr. found Sanford Manufacturing Company. This company invented the Sharpie.

How do you not take the sharpie out of sharpie marked white cloth?

all you do is wash it. when sharpie gets on my shirts i forget about it and wash them just to see later that my shirt is ruined. So if you just wash it normally nothing will happen.. Sharpie ink will come out after soaking in rubbing alcohol. Acetone (fingernail polish remover) will also dissolve i (MORE)

Is it possible to get high off of a Sharpie?

Yes, and amazingly, people have tried it and it worked. So some schools don't allow kids to have Sharpies. whatever you do DO NOT smell it more than once or you will get high.i smelt a sharpie more than once at school and got high,not the best thing.i got really really hyper,i was saying really w (MORE)

How do you clean sharpie?

actually, it depends on where you use it. If you wrote something on a smooth surface, you can rub it off with nail polish remover. It may work on other surfaces, but it also may not.

I was just writing with a sharpie for several hours but the smell was just really strong Is it possible to get high on a sharpie accidentally Without intentionally sniffing?

I've heard many people say this. But in my life, I have never known someone to get hurt from breathing in the fumes of a sharpie. But, if you intentionally sniffed a sharpie, or any type of marker for too long, I'm sure it could cause some type of injury. I'm not a scientist, so don't base anything (MORE)

What is a black sharpie?

\na black permanent marker by the brand sharpie that produce the best permanent markers in the world

Can sniffing a sharpie make you high?

Yes, sharpies can make you high. When you sniff it, it kills your brain cells and you can't think very well and you can't react to things as quickly. When you smell the Sharpie, it's like a drug; the drug makes you high and messes with your brain. If you don't agree with me, than research about Sha (MORE)

How do you draw with a Sharpie?

First you need paper and cardboard. Place the paper on the cardboard so the sharpie won't bleed through and get on your drawing surface. Draw whatever you want to draw with a pencil, but draw it lightly. When you think your pencil sketch is finished start tracing it with the sharpie. Don't press the (MORE)

What should you draw with a sharpie?

Probably ..... nothing. The sharpie bleds through and also if u need lines close together, it will only end up as a blob because the ink will spread from that spot outwards. So not such a good idea to do that.... hoped it help ;)

Is smelling a sharpie pen bad for you?

Some Sharpie products have a nontoxic stamp on them so it shouldn't be too bad, but if not, then yes, it is bad for you. It can make you high and it will kill your brain cells VERY quickly. Even if you like the smell (which i, personally, think is disgusting), don't go inhaling it. It's very unhealt (MORE)

What are you like when you are high from smelling sharpies?

Although there may be a brief euphoria, the risks include nausea, dizziness, balance problems, confusion/delirium, and even psychotic symptoms for some. Inhalant intoxication, especially on a repeated basis, causes brain cell death, and there are numerous cases of individuals with persistent concent (MORE)

How high would you get if you smell a sharpie?

Not high at all. But, by constantly smelling it can kill your brain cells because of the toxic chemicals contained within the sharpie. I recommend not smelling a sharpie, and to avoid inhaling its fumes all together.

How do you get sharpie of a leather?

Use a Mr. Clean magic eraser to remove permanent marker stains from leather or wood. Just lightly dampen the eraser and rub in a circular motion over the stain. You may need to use some elbow grease. Step2Remove a permanent marker stain on the carpet using rubbing alcohol or an oil-free hairspray. (MORE)

How can you swallow a sharpie?

you can't unless your throat/lungs are enormous and you digestive system has not had something done to it such as surgery but really you can't so let's just say you can't

How do you get sharpie off a?

if there is sharpie on fabric hairspray might work but i dont know for sure. if it is on any dry surface then you either put water on it and then rub it with an eraser or dip an eraser in water and rub wherever the sharpie is.