How do you get high of a sharpie?

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inhale it-- not literally but inhale the smell for a long enough period and you will get high.
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How do you get high off sharpies?

You inhale it very deeply by pressing the tip of the sharpie up against your finger and inserting the sharpie tip into your nose (Just make sure not to put your finger in ther

Can smelling sharpies make you high?

If you inhale sharpies you can get high. It is not a good ideabecause anytime you inhale something like that it could lead toserious side effects or even death.

Is it possible to get high off of a Sharpie?

Yes, and amazingly, people have tried it and it worked. So some schools don't allow kids to have Sharpies. whatever you do DO NOT smell it more than once or you will get hi

Can sniffing a sharpie make you high?

Yes, sharpies can make you high. When you sniff it, it kills your brain cells and you can't think very well and you can't react to things as quickly. When you smell the Sharp

What are you like when you are high from smelling sharpies?

Although there may be a brief euphoria, the risks include nausea, dizziness, balance problems, confusion/delirium, and even psychotic symptoms for some. Inhalant intoxication,

How high would you get if you smell a sharpie?

Not high at all. But, by constantly smelling it can kill your brain cells because of the toxic chemicals contained within the sharpie. I recommend not smelling a sharpie, and