How do you get out your guinea pig?

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Well, you get it out by petting it for about 5 min. first, then start petting it near the stomach area, just beneath the arms. Slowly pick it up like that, then take it out of it's cage and bring it close to your stomach if you want to hold it. Then put your hand underneath it's bottom so it feels safe. It will try to curve or jump out or squeeze out, but don't let it do that. Hold softly but firmly, too. Your piggy will feel safe and relaxed!

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What are Guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs (also commonly called cavies after their scientificname -Cavia porcellus meaning pig-like cavy ) arerodents belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia.Despite their common name, the animals are not pigs, nor do theycome from Guinea. They are originally native to the Andes, th (MORE)

Are guinea pigs really pigs?

No, guinea pigs are not really pigs... they are rodents. Tsk tsk to the answer above! Guinea pigs are not considered rodents, either! They are really in their own little category ;] Some say they are closest related to chinchillas! How cute! No they're not really pigs, they ARE par (MORE)

Where can you get guinea pigs?

Get it from a rescue shelter of some sort if you can! Millions of Piggy's get put to sleep everyday cuz no one wants them! A registered breeder can give you a fantastic pedigree if you show guinea pigs. Do not buy from a pet shop! prices are high. GO TO A SHELTER!

Why are guinea pigs called pigs?

because of their snout like noses It is because its nose is long and at-once when we see guinea pigs they look like a small pig.Guinea pig eats their own poops.This may be the reason why Guinea pigs are called pigs.Also Guinea pig means small pig.So Guinea pig is a small miniature of pig though it i (MORE)

Are pigs related to guinea pigs?

maybe the MAYBE answer is wrong the one on the bottom is right Guinea pigs are not related to pigs because the guinea pig is already related to rodents so if their related to rodents they can't be related to pigs.

Do guinea pigs grow into pigs?

No, the only similarities between the two is that the noise guinea pigs make sounds similar to a pig's. The other similarity is that when guinea pigs walk it's just like how a pig walks.

Where do you get a guinea pig?

You can normally get a guinea pig from your local pet shop. Ifthere are none there you should look around and try find a breederor search on the internet for people selling them. You can alsocheck,,, for adoptable guinea pigs in your area. (MORE)

Where can you get a guinea pig?

well, i got my guinea pig a pet store. i dont remember what it was called. they didnt have cute guinea pigs but my is so cute. i love him. if i were you i would try walmart or petco or any pet store. guinea pigs arent in pet shelthers. Answer 2 You can certainly find guinea pigs in pet shelters (MORE)

Are guinea pigs from New Guinea?

No. They originated in the area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru in South America. There are a large number of theories on why they came to be known as "Guinea Pigs", one being that their Latin name gave rise to confusion about them being "pigs" and that "Guinea" may be a European corruption of Guiana. (MORE)

Where do you get guinea pigs at?

A pet store. Not a pet store. Go to a shelter. There are lots of guinea pigs in need of a good home. Or you can also search your local paper for people who can no longer care for their piggies and want to give them a good home. Just make sure you do lots of research before adopting one. They needs (MORE)

What can you do with a guinea pig?

You can play with them using pet store toys or toys around the house such as toilet paper tubes. You can teach them tricks like coming when called or running up and down the stairs or enter them in guinea pig shows. Ask a breeder for more info on showing your can also take the piggy out of t (MORE)

Can guinea pigs eat guinea pigs?

They are herbivores. Guineapigs may fight and draw blood but they won't eat each other, not even newborn babies as they are born fully furred.

How many guinea pigs do 1 guinea pig breed?

If you mean how many offspring they have on average, they can have anywhere from 2-6, although there is apossibility of as many as 8, or as little as 1. The most average we've seen is 3, although recently I've been getting alot of litters of 4 or 5.

Why are guinea pigs named guinea pigs?

Actually Guinea Pigs do NOT come from New Guinea but might have been called Guinea because they may have cost 1 guinea during about the time of Queen Elizabeth (who actually owned several pet guinea pigs.) Which was about $1.80 a lot of money back then. They are THOUGHT to have been called pig becau (MORE)

Why can the male guinea pig not go with the female guinea pig?

Because the male and female guinea pig would breed constantly and you would have a major explosion in the population of guinea pigs within a few months. Also, male guinea pigs can be fairly territorial and have sometimes been known to eat the offspring if there isn't enough room in the cage for all (MORE)

Where do you get guinea pigs from?

You can get them from any pet store really if you have a petco,petsmart,kennel shop near you those are very good stores.I got mine from kennel shop and i have no complants i love my guinea pigs i have 2 and they are boys.

Can guinea pigs have other guinea pigs in their cage?

Of course! Guinea pigs are extremly social and will probably be sad and die early without a companion. Just make sure they are both the same gender! A girl and a girl usually get along better than a boy and boy. My guineaa pigs lived happily. And do not trust pet store employees who do not look like (MORE)

Can pigs eat guinea pigs?

Theoretically, yes, but that has only happened approximately 3 times in the history of the universe. Pigs prefer foods that are very moist and gushy, if you will, so they would have to be extremely parched for this action to occur, but could technically occur

What can guinea pigs eat if you have no guinea pig mix?

Guinea pigs can eat a variety of fruits and veggies as treats, but Timothy hay should be their main source of food, before pellets. Pellets should be fed in moderation. They healthiest thing is to try to mimic what their diet would be in the wild, and there aren't any pellets in the wild. Another (MORE)

How are guinea pigs and pigs alike?

Really Guinea pigs are NOTHING like real pigs. Guinea pigs do do some things that pigs do such as graze on food all day and can make some noises that people might think pig like! but guinea pigs are herbivores so they dont eat meat unlike pigs who will eat nearly anything!!

Do guinea pigs like to live with other guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs like the company of their own kind, but males should never be left together if they can get e scent of a female. They will fight. Never put more than one make with females for this reason. There are no limits to how many females can live together. However, guinea pigs are fine with just (MORE)

What do guinea pigs do in a guinea pig race?

Well if you ever come across someone who has seen/held/witnessed a guinea pig race then how 'bout asking them? If not then just think for yourself. It isn't a tough one to work out.

Are guinea pig rlated to pigs?

No. Some say they are by their snorting and actions but they are rodents. Another name for them is Cavy: Noun: A South American rodent (family Caviidae) with a sturdy body and vestigial tail. Its several species include the guinea pig.

What does guinea mean in guinea pig?

Guinea is a country in West Africa. However this animal originated in South America. It is possible that the name of Guinea got mixed up with Guiana (which is in South America). Or it is possible that, when the animal was introduced to England or North America someone used the name Guinea because th (MORE)

Did Guinea pigs came fom Guinea? . Question tools . . . . Imp (MORE)

Is the guinea pig related to pigs?

No more than they are related to humans. We kept guinea pigs for many years, and I'm fairly familiar with the basics of them. Quoting Wikipedia (article "Guinea pig") (emphasis added): The guinea pig ( Cavia porcellus ), also called the cavy , is a species of rodent belonging to the family C (MORE)

How are guinea pig and pigs different?

Guinea pigs are rodents, very popular domesticated pets, and not found naturally in the wild. Pigs are bred on farms for their meat and are ungulates like horses and cows. While I think I can safely say there has never been a guinea pig weighing as much as 10 pounds, pigs can weigh over a ton.

What is there to no about guinea pigs?

guinea pigs need timothy hay it is more than 75% of everything they eat if you dont get timothy hay it will die in a week. they need timothy hay!!! I have a guinea pig of my own and her name is patches she loves timothy hay. Guinea pigs need carrots, potatoes, lettuce, apples (but without the ski (MORE)

Why do guinea pigs have pig in their name?

The name Guinea 'pig' comes from its latin form Cavia porcellus. Porcellus translates into 'little pig' in english, so that is how they have pig in their names. It is not known how they came up with the latin name, as they have no links with pigs